How Much Do Travel Nurses Make

Travel Nurses

You’ve probably learned that travel nursing begins with plenty of perks, such as a high travel nurse salary, incentives like sign-on bonuses, and the possibility to work in glamorous places like Hawaii.

Do travel nurses earn more money? The solution is yes — regularly. The exact amount of money you can make as a travel nurse depends on many circumstances. RNs can gain up to $2,300 per week as travel nurses.

Travel nurses make more money.

Overall, travel nurses should consider the possibility to make more money than a staff nurse for two main goals:

Higher demand = higher earnings. Travel nurse staffing agencies operate specifically with hospitals, clinics, and additional healthcare facilities with a massive demand for nurses.Extra monetary incentives. Unlike regular staff nurses, travel nurses are given a “total pay package” that involves an hourly base wage pay plus other financial incentives that incorporate sign-on or referral bonuses and stipends for mileage, housing, food, or job-related expenses.

Travel nurses make a lot of money.

Registered nurses in the United States earn an average mean salary of $71,730 per year, while travel nurses manage to make at least $10,000 (sometimes more) per year on average. The exact salary you can expect to earn as a travel nurse will vary extensively based on where you prefer to work, what kind of nursing position it is, and the length of the contract.

As a travel nurse, your total pay package will examine various staff nurses because it’s made up of your “base wage” pay. The hourly rate you earn for your nursing duties and extra stipends are classified as non-taxable reimbursements and not estimated income.

Travel nurse staffing agencies also allow travel nurses additional benefits, like retirement options and health, dental, vision, and life insurance. Hold in mind, retirement options that incorporate a 401(k) may not be the most effective alternative if your taxable income is already low. It may make more sense to spend in a Roth IRA or other retirement account.

Highest paying locations: Where you wish to work as a travel nurse also performs a significant part in making. Certain towns and states offer more expensive pay because they have a high demand for nurses, while other areas pay more based on the year. Travel nurses responsible for relocating to “less popular” locations during the year stand to improve the overall pay they can gain over the whole year.

You could also endeavor out appointments in the highest-paying states and towns for travel nurses. You also have to estimate the cost of living in those areas and if the stipends you’ll get for housing, food, and other expenses will adequately cover those expenses.

Nursing Specialities: Operating as a travel nursing assignment in a high-paying nation or city is one way to boost your take-home salary, but you can also improve your pay as a travel nurse by operating in an in-demand specialty. For example, travel nurses who work in the following in-demand things can pay more (or contract for higher income). Some of those specialties include: Critical care, ICU, ER, OR, PACU, NICU, Orthopedics Labor and delivery.

You may be able to earn even more money if you try out specialty certification in your city on your own before signing with a travel nursing agency. A nurse who is “ready to go” in a specialty area may be more profitable to a staffing agency than a nurse who is ready to be trained but not yet accredited.

According to our research, a common certifications for travel nurses in the United States include Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN), Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN), and Certified Critical Care Nurse (CCRN).

Beyond a paycheck

Travel nursing can be a lucrative way to boost your savings and overall take-home earnings. You can contact a travel nurse agency, like HC Travel Nursing. Travel nursing is an excellent way to expand your resume, gain valuable hands-on nursing experience, learn skills like flexibility on the job, improve your confidence, and eventually advance your career. Travel nursing is a great way to feel other parts of the country to live and explore. You can work in fields you may not have like to home or receive additional training to further your nursing skills. Also, because travel nursing is adjustable and can accommodate both short and long-term positions, many nurses can seek temporary nursing assignments whether they’re single, child-free, partnered, married, or with a family.