How About New Zealand for Some Real Fun and Entertainment?

Light Aircraft Used For Skydiving In New Zealand Field

If you’ve never been, you’re missing out. New Zealand is considered by many as one of the most impressive and amazing travel destinations in the world. Its landscapes are second to none and its people are amongst some of the warmest and welcoming on Earth.

Should your trip originate in a country in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll be pleased to know that December is actually the summer season in the Southern Hemisphere! Forget about packing all those jackets and warm layers, your packing should be light, just like your clothes, as you head for the many summer events on offer there.

It’s likely that before you pack up your summer gear you would want to go online after reading this article and find out more about New Zealand, however, you might just find that your local ISP has placed restrictions on accessing our websites. Fear not, as with most technical issues, there is also a solution. And this comes in the form of a simple VPN client – and, fortunately, the choice here is immense. The VPN will help you access any website from any location and you’ll soon unleash a torrent of information about the many great events that take place in New Zealand when it’s cold and chilly – in the Northern Hemisphere, that is!

You’ll soon find out that the “Land of the Long White Cloud” is far wilder and more entertaining than you might have originally imagined.

New Zealand hosts a variety of incredible festivals and events that will please any visitor during the summer months.

Whether you’re in the North or South, have a look at some venues such as “Rhythm and Vines” in Gisborne that runs from the 28th-31st December. Rhythm and Vines is considered the “First Festival in the World” as it welcomes the first sunrise of the New Year. Its importance has grown throughout the years and is now a venue that welcomes some 20,000 visitors annually! Will you be one of those welcoming 2020 in style?

Another great option to consider is “Northern Bass” in Mangawhai, it runs from December 29th to the 1st of January and will also be a great venue to usher in 2020. The festival offers a wide variety of artists and styles to please any fan.

“Hidden Valley Festival” is a one-day-only electronic music event taking place on the 27th December, at Matakana Country Park. Located less than one hour from Auckland, it is a perfect warm-up for any of the other great venues taking place around that time (like the aforementioned options).

Experiencing New Year’s Eve in the middle of a music festival during summer is not something many can speak of, and if nothing else, it’s a great reason to visit New Zealand this December.

There are numerous things you can see and do whilst visiting this wonderful country, but should you find yourself with some downtime in between recovering from festivals or bungee jumping, there are some fun things to enjoy from the comfort of your bed or couch. Sit back and have some fun by trying your luck with SkyCity online casinos and you might just end up having a free holiday, after all!

As we already stated, New Zealand is much more than lush landscapes, great people and warm weather during December. It’s also home to some of the most incredible New Year’s experiences around, with memorable festivals on offer that will ensure you’ll be talking about them for years to come. So the question is, what are you waiting for?