Here’s Why Salaried Individuals Must Buy An Online Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travelling brings a thousand reasons for happiness while expanding your knowledge about interesting places in the world. At the same time, it does expose you to some unknown risks. Even a well-planned trip can go awry. Thus, securing your journey with a travel insurance plan is a decision you will never regret. Moreover, it is all the more essential for salaried individuals to get an online travel insurance cover before the next business trip or family vacation to a favourite destination.

Travel insurance is necessary as it will keep you financially protected against any medical and non-medical emergency you might encounter during your trip.

Here are some valid reasons why working professionals, mostly salaried individuals, should buy travel insurance and safeguard their travel plans. It is all the more true in the current pandemic situation.

  1. Saves you in Medical Emergencies

Dealing with a medical emergency is stressful any day, and even more so during international trips. Moreover, the healthcare expenses are too high abroad and facing a single hospital visit can lead to a cash crunch. In such cases, travel insurance plans provide immense support by covering hospitalization costs, including in-patient care, out-patient care, and daily allowance. Presently the risk of COVID-19 still makes us anxious. Travelling has changed a lot since its outbreak. However, a travel policy is a safety net that will keep you covered if you need any emergency treatment due to the disease. 

  • Secures your Family Trip

If you are taking some time off your work schedule and planning a family vacation to any international destination, it is better to get an overseas travel plan. It will prove extremely convenient for you, especially your aged family members. Older people have higher chances of facing medical emergencies. Hence, a travel cover will provide the necessary coverage in case of any emergency hospitalization. You can get a single-trip travel cover for your family.

  • Safeguards you against Non-medical Expenses

The possibility of losing your belongings due to thefts or losing a passport is high when one travels. Finding yourself without any support or financial back-up in such situations can be frustrating. However, getting online travel insurance before your trip is the solution for such inconveniences. The travel policy will cover the losses in such unexpected events. Moreover, in case of trip delays due to bad weather or trip cancellations in unforeseen situations, your travel policy will come to your rescue!

  • You can Opt for Multi-trip Travel Policy

If your work demands you to take overseas trips frequently, you can consider opting for a multi-trip travel policy. It is one remarkable benefit available for frequent fliers. It is an affordable option that saves the individual from purchasing a new travel cover for each trip. The maximum duration per each trip is 30 days. Some multi-trip travel insurance plans also provide cover for 45 days or 60 days per trip.

  • Protection in case of Mishaps

While we hope for the best, financially preparing for the worst scenarios is wise. A travel cover also provides compensation for accidental death or disability of the insured person travelling in a common carrier. It will also cover the repatriation of mortal remains. Plan to buy travel insurance that will not only secure your trip but also safeguard your family’s future.


Incurring losses on a trip is something that no one desires, but travel uncertainties are a reality we need to accept. Therefore, like any other insurance plan that salaried individuals consider for their financial safety, travel insurance is also one such plan. It will protect your savings and travel budget from any damage due to unpredictable events occurring on a trip.

Opting for online travel insurance is easier nowadays, thanks to technology. There is no need to go for any pre-policy medical tests. All it takes is a few minutes to key-in your details and submit relevant information. You will get quotes that you can review before opting for a travel cover that best suits your trip needs.

Insurance companies, such as Care Travel Insurance, offer customized destination-specific travel policies online that you can get for an affordable premium. That’s not all since you can also buy optional covers to boost your coverage.

So, explore the places you dream about and enjoy a comfortable trip with travel insurance as your back-up.