Egypt the amazing country with many hidden secrets


Egyptian history and culture are widely known; however, this amazing country still hides many secrets. This mystique makes Egypt one of the top tourist destinations. Also, the diversity of what travelers can see and feel is something that makes Egypt tours unique.

In this pearl of Sahara, you can do literally everything you can imagine – going to safaris, visiting the pyramids and remains of ancient civilizations, diving in the crystal clear Red Sea and having an unforgettable holiday in one of the exclusive resorts. Well, what are you waiting for?

The Nile – Heart and Soul of Egypt

The history and development of Egypt are related to this fascinating river. For centuries, defying the desert, Nile is something you should not skip when you come to this country. Everything that means something for this country, its tourism, industry, and prosperity is the merit of the Nile.  All the mightiness of Egypt, beginning with ancient civilizations and today’s economy, which is one of the most developed in Africa, is a gift from this mystical river.

The best way to get to know the heart and soul of Egypt is the Nile cruise tour. This unique experience is something you should feel because, in just a few hours, you will encounter centuries of the creation of this country. Depending on what route program you choose, you can see many sights, from the Pyramids, the Valleys of Kings, and the Aswan High Dam, to staying in a stylish summer resort like Hurghada.

Feel the Ancient Egypt

If you want more of Egypt than just hanging around the pool and drinking a cocktail on the terrace of some 5 * hotel, agencies usually offers various Egypt tours which will allow you to experience this country in the right way. It would be a pity to get back home, and not to feel at least a small part of the civilization that is one of the pillars of modern society.

It is enough to look at all the magnificent constructions, several millennia old, to see what the significance of Egypt is in the development of the modern world in which we live today. Pyramids are a clear sign that this country has always been ahead of its time. Their monumentality and rich interior decors leave tourists breathless. It just makes you intrigued to find out more about what’s inside them.

Egypt is the state of kings.  Both life and death of these monarchs were magnificent – monumental ruins of ancient towns were their living places, and the pyramids are their tombs. Also, many rulers were buried to necropolises located down the Nile, in the Valley of the Kings.

This mausoleum under the open sky had numerous complex mechanisms that should prevent the robbers from carrying out the treasure. Unfortunately, some have succeeded, but the rest of these fascinating buildings remained to admire their visitors and make them “absorb” every word about the history of this magical place.

A Breath of Modern Time

Modern Egypt is a dignified successor to the civilization that inhabited the Nile Valley. Although it managed to preserve authenticity, this state adapted to modern influences quite well. The Bedouin villages are standing next to ancient ruins, surrounded by tons of concrete, steel, and glass.

The Egyptian metropolises are a real picture of these contrasts. Cairo, Alexandria, but also Luxor and Aswan are modern industrial centers. Summer and diving resorts like Hurghada, Sharm El Scheik or Dahab represent the world for themselves, providing the tourists with the full service and comfort during the arrangement.

The sand, the sea, the pyramids, ancient temples, the coral reefs, luxury hotels, friendly and service locals – all these are Egypt. If you want to experience all of this in a single journey, make yourself experience this beautiful country with all your senses.

Image Credits: Egypt from givaga/Shutterstock