Dubai: Guide for your trip in 2019

Sunrise view on Dubai cityscape

Its spectacular hotels, Guinness records, and exotic atmosphere have made Dubai a destination that attracts thousands of travelers every year. If you are thinking of visiting this city of the United Arab Emirates, the idea is that here you will find the most complete Dubai trip Guide for 2019 *.

Dubai is a city in constant growth. Its main attractions are distributed in different parts and the distances between them are considerable, so no matter where you stay and what you are interested in visiting you will surely have to take public transport or taxi.

Where do I stay in Dubai?

A good point to start your visit and stay, if your budget allows, is downtown. In downtown, Dubai is attractions such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, or the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in Dubai and the world. Next, I leave a map with the location of the main attractions of Dubai From the downtown, it is easy to move to any point of the city, although the disadvantage is that the hotels in the area are usually luxury and, therefore, the prices are high, so getting away a bit may be advisable.

Only one subway station in the Dubai Mall is Financial Station, an area with a good variety of hotels with very good price and quality. Also close to the Dubai Internet Station metro station you can find one of the best values for money.

What to know before traveling to Dubai?

The official currency of Dubai is the dirham, but the US dollar is widely accepted in all tourist areas, including markets. If you are only going to be in Dubai you can easily make your whole trip paying with credit or debit cards, but if you decide to go out to other neighboring emirates you will need cash. There are money exchange offices and ATMs throughout the city.

Dubai is a Muslim country but with a strong Western influence, which makes it a destination open to other beliefs and ways of life. Therefore, you can not worry about finding a closed society.

Women can travel alone. Traveling to Dubai is completely safe and women can go alone through the streets without having any problems. Also, if you prefer, there are pink cabs driven by women.

Dubai does not have to end your savings. Although it is not characterized as a cheap destination and offers quite expensive experiences, there are several activities that you can do for very little money or even for free, such as visiting the typical souks, markets where you can find typical products of the country such as spices or souvenirs.

Not everything is luxury. Dubai has become famous for being a city full of waste and luxury, and while it is true that its downtown or the Marina are a reflection of this, there are many areas that retain a traditional and modest air. A good example is the area of ??Deira, famous for hosting souks such as gold and spices, as well as being on the banks of the Creek, the main lake of the city.

Getaways from Dubai

If you visit Dubai you cannot miss the opportunity to visit other neighboring emirates. There are two getaways that you cannot miss.

Abu Dhabi from Dubai

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the richest city in the United Arab Emirates. It is 90 minutes by bus from Dubai and has impressive attractions such as the mosque, the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum, and the Ferrari World. 

Dubai desert

Visiting the desert is a staple in Dubai, although it is not really in this city, but in the neighboring emirate of Sharjah. It is a journey of 45 minutes and the most advisable to visit it is to take an organized tour. Consider that driving in the desert requires a license and special automobile, so it is not advisable to do it on your own.

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