Budget Iceland: 8 Tips for traveling to the Country of Volcanoes

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries, and trips to Iceland have become very popular among travelers around the world. It’s the land of mythical glaciers, incredible waterfalls, northern lights, supernatural hiking trails, active volcanoes, and one of the least budget-friendly countries of the world. It is true that touring Iceland, you will be paying a little more for exotic food like a fermented shark or even ordinary meal, but don’t let that stop you from traveling to this amazing country. There are plenty of amazing experiences you can get in Iceland on a budget or even free. Actually Iceland sightseeing can be entirely FREE. The country’s natural beauty – countless waterfalls, hiking trails, hot springs, and mountains are free for you to enjoy.  Iceland trips are not necessarily over costly. With proper planning and tips from experts, you definitely can travel to Iceland on a budget.

Tip one: plan your trip in advance.

It is crucial to find the best time to travel. The busiest and most expensive time to go to Iceland is summer months. The most expensive season in Iceland is from mid-June to the end of August. All services, including hotels, car rental, museums are often more expensive during this period.

However, if you are flexible in when you travel, consider traveling outside this high season. Avoid July and August. Off-season not only prices are friendlier, but you will also avoid the most crowded time in Iceland. If you still want to travel when it is relatively warm, late May, early June, or September.

And of course, plan how much you can spend and try to stick to your budget.

Tip two: drive in the fall.

In October, the bulk of the tourists has left, and you will rent a car a bit cheaper have the roads to yourself. The days can still be sunny with beautiful morning and evening light. It can be chilly though, so do not forget warm clothes and stay up to date with weather and road conditions.

Tip three: travel with the company.

Traveling with the company of friends is always cheaper than solo traveling. Sharing a hotel room, renting one car for 3 or 4 is way less expensive. And it is fun to spend time in a good company.

Tip four: Rent a car.

Renting a car in Iceland is one of the best ways to explore this fantastic country, and it is cheaper if you are traveling in a company of 3 or 4.  Having your own car gave the freedom to travel far from the crowds, make the stops when you want, pack your favorite snacks which can be bought at supermarkets for half than you would pay in bars and restaurants.

Tip five: Take practical and comfortable clothes

Do not bring fancy and stylish clothes to Iceland. It is all about practicality! A long-sleeved fleece or wool sweater, or a down jacket are good options, as well as insulated hiking pants in winter and simple softshell pants in summer. 

Tip six: Buy food at supermarkets and drink tap water.

In supermarkets, food is at least half the price you will be paying at tourist places. Do not buy bottled water as tap water is of excellent quality everywhere you go. Make sure you have a refillable bottle as you will find taps with the signs encouraging to fill up your bottles.

Tip eight: Rent homes or apartments.

Hotels can be costly, especially if you travel on a very tight budget. Online you will find homes and apartments for rent. Do not hesitate to book the apartment or home you think is suitable for your needs as it will soon be booked by someone else.

Tip nine: Humble yourself that you won’t be able to see everything.

Iceland has it all —unbelievable landscapes with ice-capped mountains, active volcanoes, dramatic cliffs, awe-inspiring waterfalls, black sand beaches, incredible glaciers, and unique wildlife. It’s full of adventure and photographic dreams. But be realistic. You won’t be able to see and experience it all in one trip. Ask yourself what your priorities are and design an itinerary that covers your highlights and leave the rest for the future trips.

No matter on what budget or whatever time of the year you will travel, Iceland’s raw beauty is simply mind-blowing.

Go for the taste of the adventure that can be found in the Country of Volcanoes!