Biggest Cities in Southern California and Why We Love Them

The area of California, referred to as SoCal, comprises of 8 (10 by some people’s definitions) counties and has been the subject of dozens of songs, movies, and fantasies of people who dream of a different way of life. Of these counties, some of America’s most famous and worthwhile cities are found within.

These are the likes of Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, and Santa Monica, to name a few. What keeps SoCal homebuyers hungry for more, and contributing to California’s title of the most populous state in the US?

Let’s look at just a few of these cities and what they have to offer:

Los Angeles

Ah, the city of angels. It wouldn’t be much of a list of SoCal cities without the good old L.A., would it? L.A. is still the home of Hollywood, and much of the American film industry calls the city home. There’s a lot more to the town than Tinseltown, though. With a population of approximately 4 million and a metropolitan population of 13 million, there’s something on offer for everybody. Los Angeles is where America’s most influential go to meet, and where America’s most average can find a good-paying job and a nice place to live. The weather is perfect, and there’s too much to see in a single lifetime with all of the different restaurants and nightlife on offer.

In fact, some people say Los Angeles is the more influential American city than New York – a feat that, if true, would indeed make it one of America’s most remarkable cities of all time.

San Diego

San Diego isn’t just for vacation time. It’s a full-fledged city that can stand on its own as a worthwhile place to live. It consistently ranks quite high as one of the happiest cities in the entire USA. Why? Well, while we can’t distill it into just a few sentences, a few reasons come to mind. The first is that the city has so many green spaces that prevent it from looking like a Judge Dredd-style dystopia, and more like a functional, sustainable town. Famed for its Mexican cuisine scene, San Diego is worth more than just a passing glance.


Anaheim is one of SoCal’s shining jewels in that it shows there’s still room for development in the state, and that it’s far from hitting its peak. With a thriving entrepreneur and business community and an ever-growing entertainment sector, many people are being served quite nicely by all of the amenities on offer in Anaheim. Anaheim offers people tired of the fast pace of Los Angeles some refuge with its small town feel while it’s still a bustling city in its own right.

End of This List, But Not of SoCal

There are just so many more cities in the south of California to touch on, but this article would drone on forever if we decided to go down that route. What you need to know is that all of these cities have a beautiful climate and great food choices. Also, the residents of these cities tend to be delighted people. 

Image Credits: Southern California from Hayk_Shalunts/Shutterstock

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