5-Best Places to Visit in Bangalore Throughout The Day


You will be amused by knowing that Bangalore has two identities- one of being a master city of technology and the other of being a hostage of some incredible natural and man-made attractions, including the forts, the nightclubs, the palaces, and even the natural forests and parks.

History speaks for itself in the city. The famous tales of the Cholas, the Gangas, and the Hoysalas can be still heard from the ruins of the historic architectures within the city. In the 18th†century, the city was occupied by the Mysore emperor and came under the command of the Maharaja of Mysore.

Topographically, Bangalore straddles the heart of the Mysore Plateau, with the hills bordering the western part of the city. Visiting this city doesnít need a fixed time since the place always experiences a moderate climate. Be it summer or the winter, you can book your ticket anytime.

However, prior to your booking, letís have a picturesque of the†best places to visit in Bangalore†as that will give you a vivid imagery about the wonders of the city!


Being one of the most popular places in Bangalore, Nandi Hills offers a pristine view to the tourists. Located close to the city of Nandi, this is known to be the hilly fortress of the city. The entire arena is filled with a welcoming silence that will calm down your troubled mind. Nandi Hills has numerous stories behind its name and thatís why it has a huge affiliation to the history.


Being the gateway of the scorching summers, it is one of the†best places to visit in Bangalore†with families and friends. The place has some wonderful adventuring arrangements like mountain climbing, snowball fight, slides, and even Zorbing. However, the main attraction is the 5D theatre that will make your visit worthy. No matter in which month or day of the year you are visiting this place, you will always have the impeccable opportunity to enjoy in the subzero temperature of the place.


The best time to trek in this rugged, hilly location is the night time, where the landform adopts a different look. As the sun sets in the far horizon, you can experience the thrills of the night camp. With the sunrise, the sun sets its rays on the hill top, making an eccentric imagery in the distant space.


Located 280 Km away from the main city, this place is one of the ideal locations to have a serene day-out without the fact of getting buzzed by the Cityís crowd. The entire place seats in the lap of lofty hills whose slopes are cut into terraces for the coffee plantations. Lush valleys and silent streams enhance the beauty of the place, making it ideal for trekking.


This famous divine place devoted in the name of Lord Krishna isnít just a temple in Bangalore. Rather it is also a place of socialism where the temple authorities arrange for different cultural and social events. Starting from competition between the artists to the recitals of prayers, the ambiance of this temple always remains jovial and peaceful, something, which seems to be inviting.