Best places to visit in Switzerland to enjoy the nature


Switzerland is considered to be one of the most divine places all across the world. The beauty of the country comes from the elevated terrain, most of which is covered by the Alps. In the western part, you will have the Jura Mountains, which yet again contributes to the ethereal beauty of the place. Regardless of the fact that the central portion of the country is occupied by the plateau, visiting Switzerland is like a surreal dream.

In the valleys of the Swiss Alps, you will get to see some of the colossal glaciers, which result in the water of many European rivers including the Rhine and the Ticino. And not to forget, a total of 1500 lakes cover the contour of the country, with Lake Geneva being the most important one.

Visiting this country is one of those dreams in the wish list that you would fulfill at any cost. This is why we thought to give you a short tour of the country before you decide on the date of flying into this mountainous European country.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Switzerland that you wouldn’t dare to miss, even if that means extending your stay within the Alps!


Matterhorn is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland owing to the peculiar pyramidal shape. If you take a look at the peak of this mountain, you will find no other towering over Matterhorn in the horizon. Sometimes, it is known as the ‘Mountain of the Mountains’. You can set up a picnic arrangement in Gornergrat, a 3000-meter high platform area from where you will get the perfect view of Matterhorn and the surrounding ranges.

For skiing, no other place is as good as the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. Matterhorn museum is here to entertain you with the histories of Zermatt since the time it was a village.


Jungfrau is perhaps one of the best places to visit in Switzerland owing to its impeccable height of more than 3000 meters and the pristine view of the Alpine ranges and the shining sun against the snowy white backdrop. In Jungfrau, you will get to see the world’s largest glacier which coincidentally is a UNESCO site- the Aletsch Glacier.

Grindelwald is the oldest resort in the country and is a glacier village. So, visiting the place is worth your time. Over the Alpine valley, loom the Wetterhorn and the Eiger trail.


Considered to be the oldest natural Swiss reserve, this place is located in the Engadine Valley. Within the perimeter of the park, you find the trails of pine forests, fast-flowing rivers, and even the limestone crabs. Coming to the wildlife, you will get to see more than 5000 species dwelling in the vast expanse of this ecosystem.

Over more than 100 species of Aves can be found in this Alpine ecosystem, with the plants and the animals belonging to the Alpine climate.


One of the pristine places in the entire country is this humongous lake, sitting proudly at the Swiss-French border. Geneva straddles the lap of the lake at the meeting point of Rh?ne and the lake itself. Snow-covered peaks surround the lake, the reflection of which makes the water more beautiful. Jet D’Eau is the famous landmark in Lake Geneva as it is a fountain shooting up to 150 meters in the air.


Located in the upper course of the Rhine River, this Fall is the largest in entire Europe. The ambient visiting time is in June or July as in these months, the volume of water in the river swells up to 21 times due to the melting of snow. The width of the entire Fall is 150 meter and hence taking a boat trip to the Falls in the River Rhine is one of the best experiences you can have during your visit to Switzerland.