Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad


With Hyderabad being the seat of the royals since the Qutb Shahi Dynasty, it is considered to be one of the pristine places to visit during a vacation. Hearing the tales of both the culture and heritage of Hyderabad is one type of experience but visiting them in†real†is something else.

The Mughlai culture still breathes in the air of the city, with remnants still being cherished from the 17th†century. After all, the royal palaces of the Nizams are still there within the city. The most amazing fact about Hyderabad is its perfect geographic location, with most of the city being seated on top of the hills and surrounded by artificial lakes.

With so much incredibility all around, it will be fun to visit the city in person. And perhaps this list of†best places to visit in Hyderabad†will then help you a bit to shortlist the places.


Char Minar is one of the†best places to visit in Hyderabad†owing to its majestic architecture. The four minarets stand up to a height of around fifty feet giving the structure its ethereal look and symbolize it as a commemoration of the city. A mosque is built within the place with forty-five prayer spaces inside.


Standing against the incredible Ibrahim Bagh, the place is considered to be of high historical importance. Inside the structure lies the shrine of the founder of the Hyderabad City, Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The architecture style belongs to the conglomeration of Hindu, Persian, and the Pathani style and is solely dedicated to the seven rulers who ruled Golconda for 150 years.


It was built around fifty years ago and since then it has been one of the major tourist destinations in Hyderabad. Not only you will confront the animals but also you will have the toy train, kids park, and even the hired bicycle rides to enjoy an entire day in this park. Indiaís first butterfly park is located within this vast park including the Jurassic Park.


The existence of this place dates back to the early Paleolithic era- the time when humans evolved first. The Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is considered to be the major attraction in this place. You will get to see the cascading waterfall of seventy feet high known as the Ethipothala. The 2000 years old Jain shrine is located in a nearby village and it would be thrilling to witness the wonders of this area.


Have you ever wondered from where the Kohinoor diamonds came? If not, then itís time to wonder, especially when you will be visiting this historic place which still has remnants from the old and the new Stone Ages. The main attraction of this place is the numerous diamond mines. The three main historic mosques of Hyderabad sit atop of this land. Apart from this, be ready to witness the glory of a 700-year-old banyan tree.


Located in the Kurnool district, it is Indiaís second longest cave. The interior chambers are lined with numerous stalactites and stalagmites, both of which have enhanced the beauty of the insides. If you are visiting this, donít forget to enjoy the metallic sounds produced by the limestone formations in the Saptasvarala cave. The temperature inside the cave is ambient because of the perennial river flowing from the deepest point, the Pathalaganga.

  1. HAMPI

Though not exactly located within the city confines of Hyderabad, it is considered to be one of the best gateways from the city. One reason behind the shine of this place is its world heritage title. But thatís another story. The main beauty of the place lies in the stone-carved architecture, each of which has their own tales to speak. The temples in the city also feature intricate stone carvings, one that you wouldnít miss at any cost.