Best Places To Visit in Goa All Through The Year


Located along the western coast of the Indian peninsula, Goa is the smallest Indian state by area. Long stretches of sandy coasts, old churches delineating the Portuguese culture, the tropical spine plantations, the waterfalls and the spectacular view of the Western Ghats make Goa one of the most eccentric place to visit. It is one such place where the international and the domestic tourists live cordially.

As a matter of fact. Goa is mostly crowded with foreigners than Indian itself due to the existing Portuguese culture and the artistic natural view of the state. Though you might think that Goa has nothing other than the different beaches, in reality, the scenario is something else.

So, here is a vivid insight into the best places to visit in Goa that will definitely paint the desired picture in front of you!


At the time when it was built, the fort was capable of holding around 79 cannons apart from other defense mercenaries. The lighthouse standing in the fort is the oldest in India, in both age and shape. The architecture of the fort dates back to the Portuguese culture and exploring the entire area will give you an insight into their culture.


In this beach, you will get to see the calmer and the serene side of the Arabian Sea. Taking a walk along the coastline and staring at the spectacular view of the silent waves washing off the sand is something you won’t ever forget.


This is one of the most important sites for the Catholics as the glass mausoleum of the church encloses the shrine of St. Francis Xavier. In India, if you want to experience the magic of the baroque architecture, then this Basilica is perhaps the ideal place. Visiting the area in December is ideal as the Basilica is decked up beautifully during the Christmas.


Consisting of hills made from red laterite rocks, the beach gives you an eccentric view of the Arabian sea, the waves crashing against the rocks, the vast expanse of the clear sky, and obviously, of the sunset. Apart from the beach, another tourist attraction is the Anjuna flea market, which is arranged on every Wednesday. The combination of the market vibes and the beauty of nature has made it one of the best places to visit in Goa.


Though it is the smallest sanctuary, you cannot ignore the pristine beauty of the place. The floral and the fauna species living in this wildlife sanctuary is some of the rarest in India and perhaps that is why it is one of the most-visited places in Goa.


Numerous spice plantations are seated in the depth of the Goan state. Though the state is known for the beaches and the nightlife, a day visit to these plantations would be delightful. Here, different types of spices, both of the common and exotic varieties are grown. The air smells of these spices and it is actually quite a heartfelt experience to revel in the beauty of these plantations. Moreover, you couldn’t miss the special tea and the foods made from homegrown spices within the plantations.


Flowing through the lap of Verna cliffs, it was used to be the nesting ground for the Eagles. Now, you won’t find any eagle but the chirping sound of the water flowing through humongous rocks is still there. The ethereal beauty of the gushing water flow is something you could watch for hours without getting tired. Moreover, it is believed that the water has healing properties. In the monsoons, the water flux is at its maximum and perhaps it is the best time to visit this part of Goa.