5 Best Places to Visit in Germany


Germany is said to be a pioneer in socio-economic status and also in the living standards. Being a highly industrialized you can expect great things from this western European country. The country’s terrain is covered with rivers, mountains, forests, and even the coastal areas to the northern part.

If you take a look back at the history of the country, one thing that will immediately pop out in your mind is its alliance with the Nazi Rule and its gruesome participation in the two world wars. However, after the second world war, everything was sorted out and Germany once again became a peaceful country.

Unearthing the beauty of the county is said to be one of the favorite hobbies of most of the people across the world. So much had transpired in the part and so much is happening in the present, Germany is certainly the ideal place to send a vacation in.

Considering your eagerness, we have listed down a few best places to visit in Germany!


The black forest is indeed one of the best places to visit in Germany if you wish to have a picturesque view of the German forests. Geographically and geologically, the place is of utmost importance with numerous variation in both the factors. Feldberg is the highest mountain range in the Black Forest area. In fact, you can see the origin of the River Danube through this forest only. Taking a walk along the woody paths is something you wouldn’t want to miss at any cost.


Built by King Ludwig II, the castle stands tall on the mountain slope towards Southern Bavaria. The design of the architecture incorporates two different styles- the contemporary castle designs and the modern ones. The Bavarian king had this castle built in the memory of his beloved friend, Wagnor. It is believed that he himself took great interest in deciding each design, be it external or the internal ones. And perhaps that has made the place a majestic sight for the eyes.


Being considered to be the highest mountain in Germany, the spot offers quite an amusing view of the snow-capped peaks. Three glaciers grace the sides of the mountain, two of them being the largest in size. You can go for the mountain trekking through any of the three routes. The best time to visit the place is during winter where you will have the chance to ski through the thick layers of the ice.


The literal meaning of the word is the King’s Lake. In fact, this is the third deepest lake in the whole country with the largest volume of freshwater. The amazing view of this mountainous lake is what draws hundreds of tourists towards itself. One of the best things you can experience is the clear echo emanating because of the high rock walls. You can take in the ethereal beauty of the lake in a boat ride.


This is one of the four great wine vats present in the cellar of the great Heidelberg castle. With a capacity of more than two million, the tun was constructed using four humongous oak trees. In fact, its size is considered to be even bigger than a normal house. Tourists visit the place to have a look at the giant construction of wine storage and to marvel at the pirated feeling the entire place emanates.