Best Places to Visit in California

California, as you know, is one of the US’s largest economic and demographic states. Located in the extreme west of the country, it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west. The natural contours of the state vary from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada to the snowy ones of the Alpine. You will have a stretch of the Mojave Desert in the southeast, the redwood forest in the northwest region, and even the central agricultural lands of the Central Valley.

A state so variant in landforms will definitely sport a variance in culture and most importantly, in landmarks. If you take a tour to California, then get ready to confront some of the incredible structures of both nature and man.

Before you take the live tour, let us give you a small tour of the best places to visit in California!


This is the located in the Sierra Nevada region and is famous for the ancient Sequoia trees. You can in a lodge inside the forest to have a tour around the place. The villages have shops, restaurants, and the Yosemite museum too. For the landmarks, Bridalveil Falls and the Granite cliffs of Half Dome are quite popular.


Taking a long drive along this California NH-1 is a bizarre experience, one that is full of exhilaration and excitement. The entire highway runs along the Pacific coast, giving you an eccentric view of the waves crashing against the boulders in the coastal region.


Santa Cruz is more like the embodiment of a free lifestyle where you can take a walk along the famous Beach Broadway or enjoy the fresh air of the Santa Cruz Bay. The food and the shops are the other major attractions of the city.


With the combination of the hotter Colorado Desert and the cooler Mojave Desert, this is a preserved forest where you will find the desert vegetation. The soil has rugged rocks and rough soil, giving a stark view of the aridness. Amongst the landmarks, Cholla Cactus Garden, Hidden Valley, Ryan Mountain, and the Arch Rock are some of the famous places.


Located in an off-beat location from Big Sur, this is one of the best places to visit in California if you want to experience the tranquillity of the ocean. The Keyhole Rock is the main attraction, which forms an arch with the base rock. Salt seawater and the last daylight ray can pass through the art. Manganese garnet rocks occupy the north-eastern portion, contributing to the purple sand on the coast.


You got it right, the place is actually the hub of lava information. Starting from cinder cones, you will have volcanic fields, pit craters, and even the lava flows. The crystal Ice Cave is another major attraction in the Lava bed national park. You can see lava tubes and the frozen lavacicles.


It is a state park in the Lake Tahoe of the Emerald Bay in California. At the middle of the lake, you will have the Fannette Island. The best places to visit in this state park include the Eagle Falls, the Eagle Bay, river rafting, and so on.

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