Atlanta: The Best Attractions To Visit In 2019


Do you happen to live in Atlanta and looking for places to visit, just so you can get to know your city a little better? Or maybe you are visiting a relative or even a friend and want to get some sightseeing done as well? Either way we are here to list down some of Atlanta’s major attractions that you might not even have heard of!

While the city is known for its sweltering weather there are tons of Atlanta activities that are sure to stir some interest for you.

Visit the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

Take a tour through the visionary civil rights leader’s birth home. The site features restored rooms with both original and new furnishings. You can also take a tour of the grounds that have a crypt which exhibits not only Dr. King works but also of his wife who was an accomplished Opera singer in addition to the works of other fellow social reformers as well.  

Visit the Central Park of Atlanta: Piedmont Park

While New York has Central Park for all joggers and nature lovers; Atlanta also boasts of a park that is just perfect for anyone who would love a bit of fresh air. With a flourishing green landscape and flowing waters, Piedmont Park is ideal for weekend excursions, spontaneous picnics etc. On top of all that this park is another spot to catch other interesting Atlanta activities like the Dogwood festival and Atlanta Jazz festival etc.

Visit the world famous High Museum of Art

If you happen to be an art fan or just simply enjoy looking at different art pieces then The High Museum of Art is simply not to be missed! A world renowned art museum; the art displays are sure to captivate your heart and revitalize your soul. The museum has no specific genre of art but displays everything from African art to more modern and contemporary pieces. With the range of art variety displayed one is sure to fall in love with the place at first sight.

The heavenly botanical gardens of Atlanta

Walk through oak, hickory and other treetops on the glorious 600-foot Canopy Walk footbridge hanging 40 feet above the blossoming hydrangeas, perennials and other beautiful flowers. The city’s most famous attraction is sure to tend to the nature lover in you. And it’s not just pretty flowers. If you happen to be afraid of heights you can always visit the beautiful Japanese garden that dates back to the 1960s and boasts of a 300 year old lantern as well as stunning waterfalls etc.

Visit the world of Coca-Cola

If you happen to be in Atlanta then visiting the world of Coca-Cola is surely a must. Since its invention in 1886 the soft drink has been gaining popularity everyday and has become one of the pioneering giants in the fizzy drinks market. The world of Coca-cola features interesting soda fountains, 4D theatre displays, DIY beverage fountains and much more!

Starlight Drive-In Theatre

Opened to public in 1949, this drive in theatre has been the favorite spot for dates by all, especially the locals. It gives a wholesome feel to drive in and watch a movie from your car, maybe take the hood down and enjoy the night sky as well.

The Goat Farm Arts center

Another exciting element of the Atlanta activities; the Goat Farm Arts center is certainly a place not to be missed. Built in the nineteenth century the farm offers a variety of activities like drama, dance and nature walks. Be sure to give it a try and we promise it won’t let you down.

Visit the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

An institution dedicated specially to the 39th President of the United States, the museum is certainly a mesmerizing place. A combination of monuments and public learning institution; the museum features many activities which range from literary and photography events that are sure to captivate you.

Visit the Georgia Aquarium

If you happen to be travelling with kids and looking for attractions that both you and your kids will enjoy then the Georgia Aquarium is just the place for you. The Aquarium features an impressive variety of sea creatures like beluga whales, big-bellied seahorses, sea otters and thousands of other underwater beauties that call this aquarium home.

Shoot the Hooch Another Atlanta attraction that is famous amongst children is the water park; Shoot the Hooch. Located on the Chattahoochee River, the park allows you to enjoy as well as cool off in the steaming Atlanta weather. It offers a variety of water activities like canoeing, rafting, tubing and much more. In addition to that, the park boasts of yummy treats at its concession stands so be sure to try those as well.

Image credit: Atlanta via Sean Pavone/Shutterstock