Amazing Things about Finland That Will Interest You


Finland is currently one of the most popular touristic destinations in Europe. There are actually many reasons why this country is so unique, and people often do not know about them.

The Happiest Country

Nordic countries are known to have the highest quality of life level, which also results in the happiest citizens. However, Finland has topped this list in 2020 and became the absolutely happiest country on the planet.

Gambling Money Funds Social Projects

Gambling is allowed in Finland, although it is strictly monitored. The interesting thing is that certain proceeds from gambling are directed towards funding various good causes. Maybe, this is one of the reasons why Finnish citizens are so happy. On the Parhaat nettikasinot website you can find some of the top online casinos in Finland.

The Finnish Language Is Not Scandinavian

While Finland is considered to be a Scandinavian country alongside Norway and others, its language does not really fit in this group. This is because Finnish belongs to the Uralic language family, while the languages of the neighboring countries are Germanic.

Drinking Tons of Coffee

Many people think that Italians or French are the biggest coffee lovers in Europe, but surprisingly enough, this is not true. Finns are actually huge coffee drinkers, which makes them the biggest coffee lovers not only within Europe but in the whole world. However, living in a cold country will make you want a cup of coffee for sure.

Lake Country

Can you imagine a country with almost 188 thousand lakes? You do not need to imagine, as Finland is this exact country. There are hundreds upon hundreds of lakes of all shapes and sizes; so, if you love water, this is a destination for you.

Forest Country

Finland not only has an insane number of lakes, but it is also covered in forests. About 74% of the land here is covered with trees, which is difficult to imagine because it leaves only 26% to keep all these lakes!

Finland Is Named Differently

While all other countries call Finland this name or something similar, Finnish citizens call their motherland Suomi. The fun part is that the exact origins of the name are still unknown. The earliest appearance of this name was made on an ancient runestone.