Why You Should Choose Alexandra Dhow Cruise


Getting some time off your regular, busy schedule is essential because it gives you the opportunity to spend your holidays in the best ways possible. One thing you can do is travel to different holiday destinations in various parts of the world. There are travel blogs and magazines that will help you settle for the perfect holiday spot.

One place you should visit is Dubai. The Middle East City is known for its stunning skyscrapers, beautiful coastline, and the desert cover. There are lots of things you can do in Dubai. A dhow cruise in certain parts of the city will guarantee you a great holiday experience. A dhow is a type of wooden boat designed to accommodate several people. Some of them have a restaurant where revelers can enjoy foods and drinks as they cruise around.

You will find a variety of dhow cruises in Dubai with alexandra dhow cruise being one of the best. They have a long menu with a variety of cuisines and several other forms of entertainment that come handy as you traverse the Dubai Marina. Using Alexandra dhow cruise gives you the opportunity to explore Dubai more. You will come across various sites like the Grand Mosque and other beautiful architecture as you move around.

You also have the opportunity to have dinner as you enjoy the beautiful scenery. They provide a variety of tasty dishes which you can sample. Alexandra dhow cruise service also has some of the best dinner tables and comfortable seats that will make you enjoy moving around. You are guaranteed top quality entertainment when you take this dhow cruise in the Dubai Marina. Guests are usually entertained by singing performances, traditional belly dances, art, and magic shows. Your trip will be incomplete if you don’t cruise the Dubai Marina using a dhow.  

What to Consider When Booking Alexandra Dhow Cruise

A few things must be put into consideration to have the best experience with this dhow cruise service. Here are the things you should put into account when booking or hiring one.


Prices for the different trips along the Dubai Marina usually vary.  Rates for the Alexandra dhow cruise may start from as low as $27 or 100 AED. They always differ as a result of various factors like the timing, length of your trip and age bracket of occupants. This dhow cruise service also has special packages going for affordable rates. You should first determine your budget before deciding to take a dhow cruise in Dubai. Save and enjoy with Alexandra Dhow cruise.


Go through the review section in specific sites that will help you understand more about Alexandra dhow cruise. There are travel magazines and blogs that have outlined everything you may want to know about this dhow cruise service. It is one of the best with 5-star ratings on various sites. Most of the review sites have listed the prices and also the services offered in this dhow cruise. Make sure you go through their review section and read the comments from different people who have had the chance to board Dhow Alexandra. You should read all the positive and negative comments to make the right decision when booking.


You need to look at the program of the dhow you want to pick. Cruising through the night gives you the opportunity to have an experience of the Dubai nightlife. The operating hours for Alexandra Dhow Cruise usually starts at 8:30 PM. Everyone should begin boarding at that time before cruising which starts at 9 PM and parking two hours later at 11 PM. You will have a lifetime experience sailing along the Dubai Marina with Dhow Alexandra.