9 Things to Do When Travelling to Malta


Malta is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Yes, it is! From the rocky coastline stretches to dizzying limestone cliffs and a fascinating mix of cultures, the island is simply breathtaking. Of course, this implies the place is a beehive of activities.

What follows is a rundown of things to do in Malta, whether you’re visiting for a one day or are in pursuit of a luxury holiday.

Attend the Chocolate Festival in Hamrun

Chocolate Festival is the place to be if you’re looking for a fun way to stay warm when the temperatures drop. As the name suggests, the fiesta is all about enjoying a cup of hot cocoa or spiced chocolate. You’ll love every minute if you like “sweet things” or are fond of seasonal treats. On top of that, the organizers display chocolate sculptures to tease your taste buds while giving you something to please your eyes.

Attend the Festival Mediterranea in Gozo

The Festival Mediterranea hosts more than 7,000 holidaymakers every year.  For starters, Gozo is the largest island in the Maltese archipelago with a rich history.  Still, it is sparsely populated, with few tourists. Here, the beaches are incredibly quiet and secluded, making them ideal for anyone who wants to take a break from the buzzing streets. In autumn, the island is a perfect place for food tours, music concerts, and opera-ballet.

Dive at the HMS Maori

Malta has a relatively warm climate all year. It has crystal clear waters too, allowing you to have a good time if you like to swim, snorkel or dive. Beneath the sea lies a host of military wrecks, some dating to the Second World War. MS Maori is the most famous, resting at a depth of 14 meters on the seafloor. And, because the waters are shallow, you can hone your diving prowess if you’re a beginner. The best part? You’ll get a certificate after completing the lessons successfully.

Visit the Teatru Manoel in Valletta

The Manoel theatre is one of Valletta’s most prized possessions. It offers a chance to see celestial choirs and Christmas concerts between November and January. Even more impressive, the theatre has a marble Carrara marble staircase, complete with Viennese chandeliers, adding to its beauty. Oh, and don’t forget to attend an electrifying performance by the Philharmonic Orchestra to warm up your winter holiday.

Go for Horse Riding

While Malta is hot during summer, you can escape the heatwave by enjoying horse riding across the island’s countryside and coastline. Golden Bay, in particular, is famous for private and sunset lessons. And, if you’re traveling with your kids, be sure to tour the Funny Farm Horse Sanctuary located in Siggiewi if you’re looking for “all-inclusive” fun activities.

Visit St John’s Cathedral in Valletta

Your Malta holiday isn’t complete without paying a visit to St John’s Cathedral in Valletta, irrespective of the season. Designed by Girolamo Cassar, a famous Maltese architect, it is arguably one of the most beautiful cathedrals in entire Europe. Inside the temple are famous artworks by famous artists such as Caravaggio coupled with shimmering gold interior décor.

Attend New Year’s Celebration in Paceville

If you happen to be on a Malta vacation during New Year’s Eve, then you’re in luck. Paceville nightlife goes a notch higher as revelers seek to usher the New Year in style. Club 22, situated on the tallest building on the island, offers panoramic views of fireworks across the streets. Or, you can take part in the countdown at bars such as Barcelona Lounge and Native as you sip your favorite drink.

Celebrate Ash Wednesday across the Island

Malta’s buzz is on another level a week before Ash Wednesday, with color and music taking center stage as people celebrate the carnival. The tradition spans over five centuries, characterized by fancy dressing and masquerade balls all across the island, including remote villages. Be sure to carry your stylish outfit as the costume party goes on till late into the night.

Late Night Shopping in Valletta

There’s something magical about Valletta streets when the sun sets. During Christmas, lights grace the city’s architecture giving the entire space a romantic feel. The festive displays throughout December allow malls and shops to remain open till late. In the meantime, small alley eateries provide a perfect ambiance to wine and dine with your crew.

In conclusion, there isn’t a shortage of things to do during your Malta holiday. And the beauty of it is that you can visit any month of the year.

Image credit: Malta via krivinis/Shutterstock