8 Good Reasons to visit Canberra once in a lifetime


Canberra is the capital of Australia, and it is Australia’s coolest city. The city has much more to offer you than you could ever think. Canberra has all that you may want, including science, wildlife, heritage, adventurous sports, and delicious food. It is a must to visit Canberra at least once in your lifetime to make the best out of it. Apart from this, Canberra being a must-visit place, it has also been ranked as one of the top cities in Australia to visit, stay, and have fun.

In fact, Canberra is a city that is overshadowed by Sydney and Melbourne. It can be extremely tempting to have fun once you find yourself around this beautiful city of Canberra. That’s why it has always been a center of attraction for the tourists who have even visited there earlier in their lifetime. Besides Canberra having a lot to offer you, you will get to see various other things and attractions to have fun in Canberra. In this article, below are listed eight good reasons to visit Canberra once in your lifetime. Have a look:-

1. Spot wildlife

When you visit Canberra, it can be a good reason to spot wildlife and visit Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, which has a lot to offer you, including unique wildlife such as Koalas, emus, cockatoos, wallabies, kangaroos, magpies, and several other endemic species. While traveling around, you will also get to see various shops where you can buy books and souvenirs, etc.

2. Visit an escort in Canberra can be a fun activity.

This is yet another good reason to visit Canberra. Visiting an escort can be an extremely fun activity that you should miss while being in Canberra. These hot and independent escorts are always ready to give you all the satisfaction that you want. These Canberra escorts are experienced that assist you, make your special moments memorable and exciting. So, why not treat yourself with these hot and loving private escorts in Canberra and make your day?

3. Don’t miss the flower show in Canberra

Every spring season, Floriade, the largest flower show, is organized in the southern hemisphere of Canberra. Just don’t forget to be a part of it. You will just love the beauty of thousands of flowers which are arranged in beautiful patterns. For yet another enchanting experience, you should certainly not forget one of the best and the longest hot air balloon events that take place in Canberra every year.

4. Questacon- Best for science enthusiasts

For all the people having an interest in science, Canberra turns out to be an exciting destination for them. Questacon is a national science and technology center that is best for kids where they can also participate in various workshops, interact with the robots and understand how a rainbow works, etc. So, it is also a must-visit place when you are visiting Canberra, even for once in your lifetime.

5. Not to miss vegan and vegetarian food galore

When you are visiting Canberra, it is a good reason that you should not miss having vegan and vegetarian food galore. Though it may sound difficult for the newbie to find vegetarian food in Canberra, it is quite easy to find vegan & vegetarian food in Canberra. You can easily enjoy Italian dishes, vegetarian burgers, and scrumptious waffles for breakfast, and coffee, etc. There, you will also get to see supermarkets which store brands as Haldiram has.

6. People in Canberra are very friendly

It is also one of the most amazing reasons to visit Canberra that people in Canberra are extremely friendly and helpful. Whether you ask for directions or ask other things, you will always get friendly and genuine assistance from Canberra folks. Being known as great listeners, they are always ready to give you a resolution for each query of yours properly.

7. A vibrant city

The city of Canberra is like a hub where you come across lots of shops selling attire, CDs, books, souvenirs, and Indian & Chinese cafes and restaurants, etc. Cafes, nightclubs, and authentic Indian food in Canberra’s center Mall are also a must-visit in Canberra that you should not miss at all.

8. Drive to NASA’S deep space complex

Finally, you should also visit NASA’S deep space communications complex, which is just 45 minutes away from the Tidbinbilla valley. There, you will also get to see the Xerox of Mars Exploration Rover. It’s free of cost and a paradise for space enthusiasts.

So, don’t miss out on these great reasons to visit Canberra once in your lifetime.