7 Major Benefits of Inviting Parents to Canada on Super Visa

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The Government of Canada introduced super visa insurance for the parents and grandparents of the residents and citizens of Canada. Super visa is a multi-entry visa that allows a person to visit Canada several times in the duration of ten years.

The person can stay in Canada under this visa for a maximum of two years. Only parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents are eligible for this visa. The dependents of parents and grandparents do not qualify for this visa. To become eligible for the visa, the applicant needs to meet a few requirements:

  • Have ties to their home country
  • Clearly state the purpose of their visit to Canada
  • The financial situation of their family in Canada
  • Overall political and economic stability of their home country
  • Proof of invitation from their family in Canada

When applying for the super visa, the applicant needs to submit a few documents with the important ones being — a letter promising financial support from their child or grandchild living in Canada who earns a minimum income, proof that the applicant has obtained medical insurance, lasting for one year or more, from Canada, and proof they have completed and passed the medical exam.

Parents who want to visit their loved ones in Canada can consider applying for the super visa, as it can provide them with several different benefits.

The Major Benefits of Calling Parents to Canada on Super Visa Insurance

The super visa plan can provide parents with the following benefits when they arrive in Canada:

1.   Long Stay in Canada

If your parents arrived on visitors’ visa to Canada, they would only be allowed to stay in the country for half a year or six months. On the super visa, parents can stay for a longer duration, which is up to 10 years.

2.   Pay Fewer Fees

Since parents can visit their children for a period of 10 years, they will have to pay fewer fees whereas parents would need to pay to extend their stay in the country after every six months on visitors’ visa.

3.   Get the Visa Quickly

Another benefit of super visa insurance is that parents do not have to wait a long to receive it. If everything checks out and is as it is supposed to be, the Canadian government will issue the visa within eight weeks of applying for it.

4.   Offers Health Insurance

Super visa insurance provides comprehensive health coverage to parents traveling to meet their family in Canada. Parents need to obtain health coverage from an insurance company based in Canada. The Government of Canada has made it mandatory for the super visa applicants to get a minimum coverage of $100,000 for repatriation, hospitalization, and health care.

Health insurance will go into effect when they reach Canada. Some of the medical benefits they will receive when they apply for super visa insurance include:

  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Ambulance services
  • Dental
  • Diagnostic services
  • Emergency air transportation
  • Hospital accommodation
  • Hospital allowance
  • Meals and accommodation
  • Medical appliances
  • Medical services
  • Paramedical services
  • Prescription medication
  • Private duty nurse
  • Repatriation
  • Return and escort of children
  • Transportation to bedside

5.   Receive Complete or Partial Refunds

In the event parents are not granted super visa insurance to visit their children in Canada, they may be eligible for a complete or partial refund. For a complete refund, the rejection of the visa should happen before the date it goes into effect.

For a partial refund, parents who decide to leave Canada a little earlier than planned will receive it. However, they should not have made any claim on the insurance policy at that time. Since every insurance company’s policies may differ, parents should look at a few different insurance companies before they settle on one.

6.   Ability to Choose the Dates

Some insurance companies, providing super visa insurance, may give the applicant the ability to select the start date for their health insurance plan. However, they also get the right to change the effective date but need to do that before their super visa insurance can go into effect.

7.   Choose from Different Plans

If the super visa insurance company has given applicants the choice of a few plans to choose from, parents should consider choosing one based on their current health status. For instance, one plan may provide no coverage for pre-existing medical conditions while the other may provide coverage for all pre-existing medical conditions.

Whether you are a parent or grandparent who wants to visit their loved ones settled in Canada, you can apply for super visa to see them. Super visa insurance, in comparison, to visitors Insurance is one of the fastest ways to receive entry into Canada for parents. With the array of benefits associated with it, it seems like a good option for both parents and grandparents to utilize.

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