7 Great Strategies to Make Your Trip to Pakistan a Success

Trip to Pakistan

A lot has been written and said about Pakistanís alluring charm and hospitality. According to most, Pakistan is one of the amazing destinations for tourists and visitors alike with its hospitable people and breathtaking sceneries. The rich culture of this destination is barely shown in the media among all the news.

Regardless of the security matters of Pakistan, the country has now become a more popular destination for tourists because of its soaring mountain ranges and ancient sites.

However, before you take a trip to Pakistan, you might want to be familiar with several strategies to make your tour a success. Some of these strategies include:

1.    List Places to Go

Avoid exploring the whole country in just one visit. While Pakistan might seem smaller than India, in the real sense, itís a big country. Plus, due to several undeveloped mountain roads, it might take more time to get to different destinations.

Fortunately, planning your trips doesnít have to be daunting. Several countries have a natural routing, which is quite simple to follow.

In Pakistan, the routing begins in Lahore and goes all the way to the north, usually along the Karakoram Highway, which is basically one of the longest paved international roads globally. Other places you may tour in Pakistan include:

  • Chitral
  • Hunza
  • Skardu
  • Islamabad

2.    Determine How to Get Around Pakistan

Most of the internal flights in the country link the major cities and off-the-beaten-track spots. For instance, PIA airlines may save you time as road journeys might be arduous and long.

Always book domestic flights upon your arrival as they are affordable in Pakistan. Though itís worth mentioning that flights in a mountain region are usually prone to cancellations because of the changeable weather.

3.    Get a Visa

Getting visas used to be one of the reasons many people have never traveled to the country. In the past, the process of acquiring a visa used to be difficult.

However, now it is quite easy to get a visa. As of now, more than 50 countries are able to acquire a visa to travel to Pakistan.

The rest of the countries, including the UK, must apply for an e-visa. When applying for the e-visa, you will either require a hotel confirmation or invitation letter.

4.    Know the Right Time to Tour

Pakistan is basically a diverse country. From mesmerizing dales and snow-covered mountains to uneven plateaus and sweltering desserts, you may experience everything here. This means the best time to visit the county differs depending on what you need to experience.

If you are looking to tour the country’s northern areas to see what heaven looks like on the earth, between May and September is the ideal period to visit the country. Otherwise, you will not enjoy your trekking experience in the finest mountains in Pakistan.

5.    Learn Several Urdu Phrases

Many urban Pakistanis write, understand, and speak English to a varying degree. Though tourists are recommended to learn several Urdu phases to ensure their trips go more smoothly.

While itís uncommon to come across different places where people donít speak English, learning a few Urdu phrases before you visit the country will be a great idea.

6.    Know the Dress Code

People looking to go to Pakistan always research a lot about the kind of clothes they need to wear. While the dress code is less strict than it used to be some time back, itís wise to go prepared when touring the country.

If you need to dress in western clothes, like jeans and t-shirts, feel free to do so. Most individuals put on western clothes in Pakistan cities, particularly in wealthy places, like defense neighborhoods and malls.

7.    Pack Light

When organizing your trip, list several things to carry when touring Northern areas. The list must include a warm jacket, a woolen cap, extra socks, gloves, trousers, shirts, and a pair of boots.

However, ensure you pack light and remember to only keep the essentials in the backpack. Other essentials to include in your backpack are:

  • An extra battery
  • A power bank

Final Say!

Pakistan remains one of the best adventure backgrounds. It is a country, which truly has everything, including stunning landscapes, untapped white water rafting, colorful festivals, incredible treks, tasty food, and friendly locals.

A trip to the country is definitely not a standard adventure. Rather it is an opportunity to connect with the locals and see what no one knows much about.