7 Cool Things to Do In Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Thereís no doubt that Los Angeles is one of the favorite haunts for tourists and an amazing place to live as well. The sheer amount of activities and sights could be a bit overwhelming, so here are a few ways to get started in the City of Angels!

1.† Visit the Rose Bowl Flea Market

In Los Angeles, you have a flea market thatís half a century old! Itís a huge event, all inside the 90,000-seat Rose Bowl Stadium. If youíre a stickler for bargains, plan your trip around the second Sunday of any month. For a really beneficial shopping trip, you can get a premium $20 ticket for admission at 5 am. Other than that, a 7 am entry costs $12, with general admission being only $9 at 9 am.

Stock up on finds like antique furniture, vintage records, and even new items. The experience is definitely worth battling the crowds, which is part of the fun!

2. Museum Hopping

Most of the museums in Los Angeles are completely free of charge and provide hours of fun. Thatís why this is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Los Angeles. You can learn a lot about your surroundings as well as have some great memories in these.

Look up some of the best museums in the area beforehandóyouíre sure to find something to suit your interests.

Museum Hopping

The Natural History Museum is a must-see for nature lovers, while budding artists wouldnít want to miss the Museum of Modern Art. Youíll be saving money and having the time of your life, along with getting some excellent clicks for your Instagram account!

Besides visiting museums, there are a lot of other options to enjoy Los Angeles on a budget. Once youíve read about each place to visit, youíll realize how convenient it is to make the most of your trip.

3. Comedy Club

Hitting up any comedy club will give you the opportunity to laugh all your worries away no matter what day of the week it is. Plus, thereís always the chance that a famous comic act might drop by. You can increase your chances of that happening by booking tickets for The Hollywood Improve or The Main Room.

4. Roller Skating at Moonlight Roller-way

The ultimate family fun experience is available at the Moonlight Roller-way. Get your tickets beforehand, as this is one of the hippest places in town. You can also grab a bite to eat here, along with taking fun selfies to document your experience.

5. Go behind the Scenes

If being in the audience or on a game show isnít your thing, you and the kids might be interested in just looking at the actual sets. If you have a show you all watch together as a family, imagine how exciting it would be to actually see where itís all filmed!

You can pay for a 3-hour tour in the Warner Bros Studios. If you get the VIP version, you can even see the studio where the most popular shows work their magic.

6. Exploring the Parks

If youíre a true nature lover and want to make the most of your visit, donít miss out on the chance to see all the amazing parks in L.A. Pack a picnic lunch, grab your roller blades or skateboards, and set out for a whole day of family fun! Youíre on vacation, so thereís no need to coop yourself up inside.

You have the option of South Beach for some sand and sea fun. Thereís also the Runyon Canyon Park, which gives you an urban kind of wilderness. Plus, you’ll get to view the whole of Los Angeles city at once.

7. Stuffing Faces

When youíre touring, stomachs are likely to rumble much more frequently. While there are many celebrity hotspots, you definitely want to try something filling at a low budget if youíre a large family. Go for a classic option at the In-n-Out Burger or fulfill your Mexican food cravings with La Azteca. For dessert, the Milk Jar Cookies place is a must-try, with freshly baked goods and ice cream along with coffee or tea provided.

Letís Enjoy Los Angeles!

When youíre in Los Angeles, thereís no dearth of activities all around you. Plan out your trip to enjoy the most interesting ones, but also leave room for some spontaneity. This way, youíll get the magic and memories of a vacation without feeling trapped within a schedule.