7 Common Travel Insurance Myths Debunked

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance plans are dynamic. Often, these plans are misunderstood and are therefore ignored. Some people also degrade its importance and think of it as an obsolete requirement for traveling. 

But this is not the case. Travel insurance plans are essential for some obvious reasons. However, to clear the air from its common myths, we’ve discussed them in detail.

So, here are some common travel insurance myths –

  • I don’t need travel insurance. This is not for me. 

If you also think that way, it is possible that you’re unaware of travel insurance’s importance. To start with, people usually prefer health insurance because of its use in emergency medical conditions. However, what confirms that medical emergencies won’t arise while traveling? Or would your baggage remain safe throughout your journey? 

Therefore, it is vital to buy the best travel insurance plan before heading to your favorite destination

  • All travel insurance plans are alike 

This is one of the common myths. Your travel insurance plan type, its coverage, the claim settlement ratio of your provider, and many other factors decide the optimal usability of your travel insurance plan. 

Moreover, while selecting the best travel insurance, people look into critical factors such as the extent of coverage, the sum assured, their specific requirements, etc.; thereby, all travel insurance plans are not alike and vary significantly when it comes to benefits and features.

  • I can avail myself the travel insurance later

Let’s be brutal. No, you cannot avail your travel insurance later. Now is the time! 

Travel mishaps are not scarce. That too in these uncertain times with pandemic on the bay. It’s better to get your insurance now rather than panicking after getting stuck at the airport or struggling with your lost baggage. Moreover, if you’re planning an international trip, it is important to buy travel insurance before leaving India. 

  • Travel insurance is not for me. I don’t travel often

Even if you travel rarely, travel insurance is a must. This is not only for adrenaline junkies but also for people who travel rarely. Your travel insurance plan, which offers coverage for lost baggage, medical emergencies, including COVID 19,  passport loss, flight delay, etc., can serve the purpose.  

  • Getting an insurance claim would be a multi-step process 

This is another myth regarding travel insurance plans. People generally think that availing of claims while traveling would be a lengthy and tiring process. Some also abandon travel insurance just to ignore the complicated claim settlement process.

But, as we mentioned before, this is just another myth. Some credible insurance providers, such as TATA AIG, have an easy claim settlement process; you just need to inform them about the mishap with all the details of your policy and mishap. 

  • I have Mediclaim. Why would I need travel insurance? 

If you also think this, you are one of those many people who think health insurance and travel insurance are similar. But, this isn’t the case. 

Your health insurance might only cover your medical emergencies, that too, while you’re in India. Additionally, even if your health insurance has a global cover, it will offer coverage in INR, while travel insurance might cover you in dollars if you buy travel insurance from reputable insurance providers like TATA AIG. The best travel insurance plan would include baggage cover, journey cover, medical emergencies at travel destinations, and whatnot! 

These plans provide extended coverage and elevated safety during traveling. 

All these myths are well prevalent in the community and thereby restrain the importance of travel insurance plans. However, a properly designed and smart best travel insurance plan would provide you a safety bubble while traveling. 

Not only for local travel within a country, but these plans also provide robust support and safety during foreign trips when gathering help seems daunting and out of the way.