7 Apps to Pass the Time While Commuting


Commuting to your workplace can be boring, especially if it takes a lot of time to get to your destination. Plus, if you live in New Jersey, going back and forth every day is quite exhausting and we often find ourselves wondering what to do in order to kill time.

Luckily, there are online app services such as App Store and Google Play that offer millions of free apps. We didnít have enough time to go through all of them, but the apps presented below are definitely the ones that many commuters consider excellent for relaxing and passing the time while commuting.

Take a look at our list and feel free to add apps that help you while away the time!

Scrabble Apps

Scrabble is a popular game in which you can use individual letters to create longer words and beat your opponents ó you probably already know about it. There are dozens of Scrabble apps on both Google Play and App Store; it is up to you to choose the one you like best.

Why did Scrabble make it to this list? The answer is simple ó it is a great game to stimulate your brain when you are traveling to work since it will wake your sleeping brain cells up and prepare them for work.

Betfair Casino

If you are a type of person who likes playing casino games, you should check out Betfair NJ ó one of the most popular options for the residents of New Jersey nowadays. You donít even have to download the app for this casino as it is available via mobile browser.

Podcast & Radio Addict

Some commuters simply donít like playing games or looking at their mobile screens while commuting, either due to motion sickness or because they like to observe the environment.

If you are like that too, consider using Podcast & Radio Addict ó one of the most popular apps for those who prefer podcasts and enjoy listening to various radio stations. This app is also an ideal option for people who like driving to work and are unable to look at the screen while they sit behind the wheel.


Citymapper is not an app that will help you pass the time, but it is definitely a piece of software that helps sleepy commuters. If you are on the subway and you have trouble remembering where to get off, you can use Citymapper ó an app that will notify you when to get off the train.


If you were old enough to play games in the era of Nokia 3310 (the unbreakable one), you probably remember a game called Snake that everyone loved. Grub is a simple game that features a snake-like character that needs to eat things in order to grow.

In other words, this is some hard-core nostalgia for your fingertips. However, this time avoid throwing your smartphone if you mess it up in the game, as it might not survive that.

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is an interesting writing app that converts your speech to text. It can come in handy if you are driving and have ideas that you want to put on paper right away, but are unable to stop and type them down. Note that your text will require additional editing once you complete your speech, but you will get the essence of it nevertheless.


ASAM is an app similar to Dragon Anywhere except that you get to listen rather than speak. If you have emails that need to be checked, but you donít have the time to read them off your screen, you can use ASAM ó an app that will read your emails to you while you are driving. Needless to say, this app is very useful for drivers who donít want to be distracted while sitting behind the wheel.


Duolingo is the most popular language-learning app in the world, and the reason for its popularity is that you get to decide how much you want to learn on a daily basis. Exercises take anywhere from three to thirty minutes, which makes this an ideal app for commuters looking to learn a second language. The app covers a wide variety of world languages and uses English as a default one.


Commuting can be rather boring, regardless of the means of transport you use to get to work. Luckily, our list contains something for everyone. Also, while creating this list, we decided to include apps that do not require you to actually look at the screen in order to have fun or be productive. Which one of the apps presented above do you think will help commuters the most?

Image Credits:†Commuting†from William Perugini/Shutterstock