Visit These 5 Valencia Beaches and Experience European Seashore at Its Best

Often when we recall about Europe we think about Eiffel tower, The Colosseum or The Big Ben. But for all the other times the only thing that comes in our minds is the best party possibilities that this world can offer.

What better way to enjoy a day and night long party then on the Mediterranean shore, far from home in the company of beautiful Spanish people and their tireless energy. Their history is rich, food delicious and their beaches? Well, I think that the only real way to find out their treasures is to come and see them for yourself. Valencia is one of the communities recognized for its beaches and excellent services. Along with its coast, you can find perfect places to enjoy a quiet holiday with your family or full-blown party with your friends. Depending on what you are looking for there are different beaches to choose from so without further ado let’s take a look at what are some of the best beaches in Valencia to choose for some of that unforgettable party.

1. North Beach of Peñíscola, Castellón

Undoubtedly this is one of the top choices for all groups who want to spend a perfect bachelor weekend in Valencia. Peñíscola is the best-known area of the Valencian coast to go for a summer vacation. The magnificent panorama view of the beach adorned postcards sent from this city for decades. It’s North beach has five kilometers in length and many attractive spots along the way. Next to it runs an always exciting promenade that is filled with that “fiesta spirit” that you can find at any time of the day.

And to all this, we must add the fabulous view of the castle of Papa Luna that is available from any point of this beach. Undoubtedly, one of the best beaches in Valencia and this part of Spain to kick back with cocktail, friends and surrounding that you won’t find elsewhere.

2. Playa Muchavista, Alicante

Playa Muchavista is quite a natural phenomenon of 3.3 kilometers and is located in El Campello. It is the continuation of the famous beach of San Juan, but this beach is somewhat quieter with an ability to fill you with serenity just as you sit and look at the wide view of the sea line. This beach is characterized by its calm waters and wide shore, which not only allows many bathers but the practice of sports such as beach volleyball.

Alicante is characterized by having a great microclimate that will allow you to enjoy the sea at any time of the year. If you are looking to go for a swim in the fall, then this beach is perfect for it. Other than that, in addition to its natural beauty, it has the best chiringuitos (Spanish beach bar) and trendy places to enjoy while admiring the sea.

3. Beach Terranova, Valencia

It is located in the municipality of La Oliva. This beach proves to be ideal for those who seek a beach without large crowds and a place where you can enjoy peace of mind with the tranquility of the Mediterranean Sea and breeze. Although it is a semi-urban beach, it has no promenade, so it is not very popular among foreign tourists. It is ideal to go with children and spend a day with your family with all the fun games and activities that you like to do. Not only for the stillness of its waters but also for its shallowness near the shore. In addition, it’s little more than a mile long and is flanked by a string of dunes that look breathtaking. And as for all the lovers, pay attention that hugging your loved one while looking at the sea for minutes can feel like days… so pay attention to that when you run out of ideas as a couple for your beach activities.

4. CalaAmbolo, Alicante

We return to the beautiful province of Alicante, specifically to the town of Jávea. This is a small but beautiful cove practically virgin.  Here you will not find chiringuitos or restaurants that make a lot of noise, in fact, there will be no dining place in sight for miles. You will be in full nature that will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy one of the most idyllic and unique landscapes of the Spanish coast. To access it you will have to cross a staircase carved in stone that passes between pines and bushes. But what awaits you, a bay of turquoise water at the foot of a cliff and many beautiful naked people looking for some party. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this is a nudist beach? Well, that information might be of use before you decide to embark on CalaAmbolo adventure.

5. Beach of L’Ahuir, Gandia

All the skilled surfers of the USA, prepare to show what you got. Located in Gandia, a secluded area of the city, this beach has something special because it has preserved its dune system. This makes it look like a virgin beach with almost two kilometers golden sand beach. An idyllic place to relax and enjoy the sun away from the noise of the city and a perfect beach to enjoy your last days of stay after heavy partying.

As an added bonus, this beach has windy days so you may run into some surfers who come to enjoy its waves. In addition to surfing options, being somewhat distanced from the more urban areas of the city there are some spots on this beach that are good for those who practice nudism.

In Conclusion:

Some of the best-credited beaches that you can find along the Mediterranean coast are situated on the shores of Valencia. What makes enjoying time on their sand even better is the fact that they are all easily accessible from the city center and regardless of your taste and wishes, there will always be just the right one to kick back with a cocktail and enjoy the Spanish sun in vibrating Valencia atmosphere.