5 Useful Safety Tips For City Biking

city biking

City biking is an exciting idea but some people are afraid of the likely dangers of being stucked in congested areas or having to share the same lane with heavy-powered vehicles.

Biking round busy areas comes with hazards but there are safety precautions you can always consider to avoid these hazards at all cost. First of all, you need to choose from the best city bikes. Whether you’re biking alone or in company of your colleagues, here are the 5 clever tips you need to bike safely through a city.

Comply with Biking Rules

Assuming drivers will always be patient with cyclists is one of the dangers that could mar your cycling experience. Most drivers easily get upset when they bump into cyclists. As a conscientious cyclist, you’re expected to comply with your local biking rules. More importantly, never you dare drivers or try overtaking them recklessly. Always remember that their vehicles are far heavier than your bike and can destroy it in no time.

Be Sure Your Bike is in Good Condition before Setting Out

This happens to be one of the vital tips every cautious cyclist would bear in mind. Bumping into a busy road on a faulty bike could be very risky. Perhaps, the bike’s brakes aren’t functioning properly and this could result in danger especially when cycling in congested areas. Whether you ride frequently or not, it’s recommended that you perform a safety check on your bike before setting it on the road. The check could be a quick examination of important aspects such as tire pressure and break functioning. After you have the right bike such as one of the quality Seven-speed bikes, you need to ensure your bike parts are all functioning well.

Ensure You Have a Repair Kit

Keeping a repair kit with you has a lot of advantages especially when you’re willing to ride over a long distance. If you can’t afford keeping a quite elaborate repair kit, you could just choose the basic one that consists of several important tools like hand pump, patch kit, spare tube and tire levers.

If you wouldn’t find it uncomfortable, you could pack these tools into your backpack or arrange them in a seat bag fitted under your bike’s saddle.

Use a U-lock for Your Bike

A U-lock is apparently the most suitable lock for preventing your bike from theft. It’s far more reliable than cable and combination locks. If you’re on a prolonged riding activity across different city corners and would like to make a few stop-overs probably at eateries, shopping malls and the likes, it’s highly recommended that you provide a safe lock for your bike.

More importantly, ensure your bike’s U-lock is fastened to a rigid structure probably a pole strongly fixed to the ground. Don’t fasten it to anything that can be easily pulled out of the ground.

Find Bike-friendly Areas Using Google Maps

Google Maps readily contains a panoramic view of the city you wish to cycle round. Why not exploit this in finding the best cycling directions before hitting the road?

Basically, Google Maps lets you outline your desired biking route so that you can identify the streets and paths best suited for your cycling activity. Of course, this idea is one sure way to avoid the various traffic glitches you can experience while cycling across major cities.