5 Tips for Preparing Your Home Before You Go on a Long Vacation

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Everyone loves going on long vacations or trips – but preparing for them is often a stress-inducing experience. When it comes to readying your home for your departure, consider employing these inventive tips so that you return to a lovely, clean, and secure home.

  1. Check Extensively for Water Leaks

A tiny leak may not seem like a big deal, but it can turn into a huge problem over time, especially if you are not there to monitor the situation for several weeks or months. Water damage often goes undetected, so it is important to seek it out, especially if you are going to be gone for a significant amount of time. If you can catch a leak before you leave, you will be able to get it resolved before you return home to an expensive mess.

  • Clean Everything as Much as Possible

Make sure that any and all food products are disposed of properly. The last thing you would like to witness upon your return is a horde of fruit flies taking over your kitchen. Ensure that any food that will go bad is removed from your fridge and even clean out the garbage disposal. Many people overlook their garbage disposals because they cannot easily see it, but that does mean that it can’t harbor bugs and other unwanted pests if left to sit for too long.

  • Alert the Alarm Company

If you utilize an alarm service, it is imperative that you make them aware of your impending departure. In many cases, doing so will allow you to get quicker service to your home because they will skip the process of calling to make sure an emergency is actually taking place. It is also a good idea to give the company contact information for where you will be staying so that they can reach you easily in the event of a disturbance.

  • Consider Energy Efficiency

Traveling is often expensive, so it will likely be best for your wallet if you can at least save a little on your home expenses. While it may not be best for your home to turn off your air conditioner completely, you may want to consider raising the temperature a few degrees in the summer and lowering it in the winter. Unplug all unnecessary appliances so that they do not suck up any unneeded electricity and raise your bill. You also will want to see if your water heater has an “away” or “vacation” option and set it to that to save energy.

  • Put Some Lights on a Timer

While it may be the most energy efficient to turn off all your lights for the entire time you are gone, it may not be the safest. Consider setting some lights on a timer so that they go on and off at expected times so that people still think that you may be home. If it is obvious that you are not home for a significant time that turns your house into a prime target for burglary and other crimes. Protect your belongings by giving the illusion that you are still home.

You will have much more fun on your trip if you feel confident that when you return home your house will be just as you left it. Even though preparing is not nearly as fun as traveling, it is necessary so that everything will go as smoothly as possible. Many people fail to realize you must prepare for both what you are planning to go and experience as well as the things you leave behind.