5 Reasons Mackinac Island is the Best Vacation Spot for Families

Named the #1 summer destination in America by TripAdvisor, Mackinac Island has something for the whole family. It’s a charming little vacation spot that almost anyone in the world can enjoy. So many of the shops and activities are designed with families in mind, which is why it will quickly become your go-to vacation spot every year.

They are Known for Their Fudge

You can sample all types and flavors of fudge any time of day. Not only are there plenty of candy shops to visit for the chocolate treat, but you can also attend the annual Fudge Festival every August.

Their Lodging is Incredible

There are no boring places to sleep on Mackinac Island. The island vacation lodging there is an adventure on its own. You can choose from charming bed and breakfasts, expansive lodges, or a kid-friendly resort with an arcade and movie theater.

It’s a Blast From the Past

A stay on Mackinac Island truly feels like a visit to the past. It’s full of vintage shops, museums, and Victorian architecture. Best part is, you won’t find a single car here. Instead, you’ll be transported by buggies, carriages, or bicycles wherever you want to go.

Kite-Flying is a Favorite Pastime 

One of the most popular activities on the island is flying kites on the beach. In fact, you’ll find them in any color or shape imaginable at one of the many shops around town.

Ocean Life is the Best

Anyone wanting to experience everything the ocean has to offer will love Mackinac Island. It’s calm weather gives way to water sports almost year-round. There are boats for sale or rent, or you can pay someone else to man the ship. Tours, sailing, water park rides, and skiing are just a few of the ways you can enjoy the ocean here.

Mackinac Island is known for its family-friendly fun and old-timey charm. The people who come to visit almost never want to leave.

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