4 Tips for Couples Planning a Trip Together

Beautiful couple on a bench in a park.

What could be more exciting than a romantic getaway with your significant other? On paper, taking a trip with your partner might seem like a great idea. Yet, even the most compatible couples may experience certain problems if they decide to travel together. Indeed, visiting another city, state, or country can sometimes be a stressful, draining experience. And no happy couple wants to spend their hard-earned free time together worrying about travel logistics or complaining about accommodations. As such, today we’ll share four key tips for couples planning a trip together. Read this before you make any big commitments!

Avoid Big Surprises

Spontaneity in a relationship can be a great thing. However, vacations can be expensive, and they can also be a big commitment for some individuals. So it’s probably not a wise decision to surprise your partner with a trip to Paris without giving them enough time to take off work and or find someone to watch their pets. Rather, the best trips tend to be supported by robust and detailed itineraries. A small surprise here or there to keep things fresh is fine, but don’t spring a huge change of plans on your partner without warning them.

Identify Red Flags

Even couples who know each other very well may not know everything about their partner. Therefore, any time you plan a trip together, it’s essential to identify any “red-flag” destinations that you should cross off your list for one reason or another. For instance, if your partner is deathly afraid of the water, taking them on a cruise is a decidedly bad move.

Compromise & Divide

Obviously, many couples have shared interests and hobbies. It’s natural to assume that you’ll spend a lot of time together whenever you’re on vacation. Yet, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to your partner like glue for the entire trip. If you want to go see a gallery at an art museum, and they’d rather spend the afternoon shopping, then don’t worry about splitting up for a few hours. Ultimately, though, it is important to share experiences with your partner while on vacation, so being willing to compromise will ensure you both have a memorable and rewarding holiday.

Stay Fit & Active

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, yes, but couples should do their best to ensure they’re both fit and healthy before they set out on any adventure together. Trust us, taking care of issues like painful bunionettes before you go on vacation will allow you and your partner to have much more fun.


A couple’s getaway can either be a dream come true or a complete nightmare –– depending on how well you plan it out. So sweat the small stuff next time you plan to take a vacation with your partner!