3 Ideal Locations to Celebrate Your Birthday

Birthday Locations

Birthdays represent special events that are always worth celebrating together with your loved ones. You might be used to going out in the city for a bite and a slice of cake with your friends but some birthdays are more special than others, and are worth being celebrated in an extravagant manner.

Regardless if you’re turning a special age or if you just want to break out of the regular with your group of buds, celebrating your birthday abroad can always be lots of fun. In this article, we’re showcasing the three most ideal locations for birthday gatherings.


Greece is one of those countries known for its gorgeous beaches, impressive culture, good food, and overall fun tourism. The country has a long history, its capital, Athens representing the base for some of the most famous schools of thought from the past.

As fun as exploring cultures and historical sights might be, Greece represents an ideal location to celebrate your birthday since the country is filled with breathtaking beaches. And, what could be more fun than chilling out on a beach with the clear blue water in front of your eyes, sipping on a tropical drink together with your best buddies.

While being in Greece you can also have lots of fun by exploring the country’s most famous landmarks, climbing mountains, visiting beaches and emerging yourself in the culture and philosophy that comes with this place. As one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Greece also has a large variety of restaurants with outstanding traditional food worth trying.

Las Vegas

When it comes to a birthday getaway together with your group of friends, Las Vegas, the gem from the desert might represent a get-go destination. The city is perfect for celebrating important moments since it’s filled with entertainment opportunities, from the fun casinos to luxurious restaurants and plenty of bars with good people.

If you’re looking to have fun in Vegas, you certainly have to check out the casinos. Besides the fact that these landmarks are packed with eye-grabbing architecture and restaurants, casinos and gambling, in general, can be quite fun. In any Vegas casino, you will have access to a large variety of games for all skill levels.

Slot machines can be an ideal playground to show off your skills and have fun with your friends since you are probably already familiar with these games from the online environment. Although it might prove difficult to find exact replicas of online slots in Vegas casinos, you can find plenty of similar games. Take for example Sizzling Hot, the design of the game is inspired by the classic Vegas slots that you can still play today, bridging the gap between online and offline.

Besides gambling, you can also watch one of the dozens of weekly Vegas shows and street performances widely available. The artists are usually very skilled, their performance proving quite fun, especially if you happen to be in Vegas when a world-famous comedian has a show.


If you’re a more of an adventurous person and would like to have a more extreme birthday in the outdoors, Vancouver might represent a great option for you. This Canadian city is not only gorgeous and packed with fun venues but, also a great location for outdoor activities.

You can enjoy the numerous beaches over the summer, or go skiing in the winter at any of the peaks like Grouse Mountain, Cypress Mountain the Whistler Blackcomb resort. The Squamish town near Vancouver represents a great place for mountain climbing and mountain biking.

These activities and many others make Vancouver a great birthday location since it combines both the outdoor adventures with the benefits that come with a big city.


A birthday is always a special event and making it as memorable and enjoyable as possible should always be a goal on its own. If you’re celebrating a rather more special age, breaking out of the regular routine and visiting one of the cities mentioned above together with your crew could be a lot of fun.

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