15 Photo Booth Templates for Creative Photo Booth Owners

Photo Booth Templates

Photo booths are nothing new. In fact, they’ve been around for decades. However, in recent years, they’ve exploded in popularity – and not just for passport pictures.

Photo booths have become a common sight at birthday parties, weddings and even office celebrations, giving guests an opportunity to memorialise the event with printed photo strips and social media posts.

And as these photo booths have increased in popularity, so too have customised designs. Sites like TemplatesBooth have popped up offering pre-made templates for photo booth owners to create custom designs for their client’s events.

As there are already many photography professionals following us here on SaveDelete, we figured we’d spin up this list of impressive photo booth templates to give you photo booth owners a head start in the creativity department. Enjoy!

1. Brushed Chic Photo Booth Template

This elegant photo booth template features beautiful brush stroke textures with customisable colors. A design like this is ideal for a wide range of events, from weddings and birthdays to baby showers and anniversaries.

2. Navy & Pink Photo Booth Template

A modern & contemporary design, with clean & minimal style. Subtle patterns add texture without detracting from the overall layout. This design will be a timeless addition to your toolkit.

3. Turquoise Glamour Photo Booth Template

For your glamourpuss clients and art deco lovers – this modern take on 20s style is an impressive template for designers whether you’re a photo booth owner or not!

4.   Art Deco Photo Booth Template

As though copied & pasted from the roaring 20s themselves, this Art Deco template is ideal for Great Gatsby inspired parties & vintage themed events.

Intricate Art Deco details with lavish black & gold colours combine for a glamorous, chic & luxurious design.

5.   Rose Gold Photo Booth Template

Geometric patterns with classy marble texturing add a stylish tint to this elegantlymodern design.

6.   Country & Western Photo Booth Template

Yeehaa cowboy! This western themed Country & Western Photo Booth Template is the rootinest n’ tootinest template there is for clients on the photo booth frontier!

7.   Bar Mitzvah Photo Booth Template

Although themed for a Bar Mitzvah event, with a few tweaks, this template would work for any boy’s birthday!

8.   Rustic Wedding Photo Booth Template

Rustic wedding templates are all the rage right now, especially for photo booth businesses. With their elegant “pressed leaf” effect and sparkling golden trim, these rustic templates hit all the key points in classic rustic style.

9.   Together Forever Photo Booth Template

Who said photo booth templates needed to be packed with graphics? This simple design shows how subtle use of graphics with minimal intervention can create an all-round winning result.

10.   Elegant Deco Photo Booth Template

Once again featuring timeless art deco style, but this time with a more cartoonish finish. Ideal for a range of events, including birthdays, weddings and anniversary events.

11. NYE Photo Booth Template

What would a photo booth owner be without a template for the biggest party of the year? This NYE photo booth template is a multi-functional design not only perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations, but also useful for events throughout the year.

12. Merry Christmas Photo Booth Template

Of all the Christmas Photo Booth Templates available online, I think this is the one is the most impressive. A plethora of Christmas elements fill the page, without overwhelming the layout – a fantastic example of form and function.

13. Birthday Pastel Photo Booth Template

Soft pastel colours alongside cute doodles make this photo booth template ideal for children’s birthday parties, christenings and after school events.

14. Pink Gold Photo Booth Template

Although the background of these templates is rich in colour and texture, the inner section is wrapped with a white background. This creates contrast and focuses the eye on the photos whilst the lavish design sinks effortlessly away.

15. Free Tropical Photo Booth Template

What would a round-up of creative assets be without a freebie? This free tropical photo booth template is an ideal resource for both designers and photographers. Perfect for the summer months and beach side events, its timeless style will come in useful time and time again.