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Padma Shri Sudha Murthy : An Inspiration

Padma Shri Sudha Murthy For a well cultured Indian woman, you will have an image of a cotton saree clad sober lady, who can never be taken as a badass. We are frequent of a badass image having tattoo, messy hair, black tight, denim

70 Most Creative Advertisements Ever

Advertisement work on a simple rule that says, the first impression is the last impression. Hours of thinking and creativity will go wasted if an advertisement cannot get attention. The first few seconds are crucial, and it does not matter…

Inspirational Design of Dark Websites

Every website has a particular color theme, and it is an important task for a web designer to choose a color that can meet all the project requirements. Color plays a vital role in any design; it can be used as powerful tool to communicate…

50 Impressive Airline Logos

Airlines are massive organizations which are always striving for global recognition. These companies are continuously devising marketing strategies to stand out. The core aspect of marketing is branding and for branding to emerge…

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