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Web Ranking : How to Improve it on Google

Web Ranking. . . do you wish to improve it?Top ranking in Google is a signal of your site success. According to a survey, a site that ranks on Google's first page receives 90% of its traffic.Today in this article, let's checkout on how to

Google Pay: All You Need to Know

Google has made online payments a ton simpler. In February 2018, the organization reported it's joining the majority of its distinctive payment techniques into one bound together brand, called Google Pay. The Android Pay application is

Alternatives to Google Products

Let be honest: Google makes it simple to utilize their applications and administrations. To start with, they're free. Second, they're accessible wherever you are through any web associated gadget. Third, well: we're back to the free…

Google Pixel Review

The smartphone market is abuzz with Google’s newest phone, Google Pixel. Taking inspiration from Apple and Samsung, Google’s Pixel comes with two variants of their own flagship phones. Pixel and Pixel XL are different in size, that means…

5 Best Online Apps to Replace Google Docs

When it comes to offline word processing, the first service which comes in our mind is Microsoft Office's Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which we are using for so many years. But buying Microsoft Office Suite is an expensive deal for regular…

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