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Facebook Live: How to broadcast

The Selfie mania is almost out of fashion. Live streaming is now one of the beset and new way to present yourself to the entire world. No matter if you are using a smartphone or any tablet, your circle of family and friends can now see you…

Dislike button: A Must on Facebook?

With the growing technology, people are getting connected to each other very fast. With coming up of social networking sites like Facebook, it becomes easier for anyone to express his or her emotions through shorthand interactions.

10 Tips for Facebook Marketing

Social media is becoming juggernaut of business and personal communication quickly. Facebook boasts around 1 million users and this site sees over 500 million exclusive visitors every month. Facebook is an incredible marketing tool for…

7 Reasons Facebook’s Timeline Still Sucks

Timeline on Facebook can't be avoided anymore. You must have read the posts: "Help! Timeline is coming for me!" "Me no likey timeline!" "Agh! Timeline! I'll see you in hell, Mark Zuckerberg!" "Old One is Better!".