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Data-only SIMs Explained

Unlike a regular SIM, a data only SIM card does not have minutes or texts allocated to it. A data only SIM deal is ideal if you own a device (laptop or tablet) that accepts a SIM card, and you want to go online when there is no Wi-Fi…

Best Android Games of 2018

After buying my first and a new Android device in 2017, it is time for me to play few games and review each of those and tell you guys which one I liked the most. I was desperate to test and play these games as my 4 GB RAM phone has to be…

LG V20 Review

LG v20 is LG’s crown jewel with a tag of the first phone to get launched with Android 7.0 Nougat, featuring to be the killer smartphone of 2016 boosting the smartphone market with its amazing attributes and features.

Top Bluestacks Alternative

With the introduction of Virtualization, people got amazed to the notion of a device within a device. But today, you can see it easier to do so especially when you wish to have Android Smartphone interface on your Windows powered PC with

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