Who Are The Potential Next ATP Tour Stars?

Atp Tour Stars

In an era where Novack Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer dominates the tennis world with series of achievement from ATP 500, through ATP 1000 and then the major tennis tournament (the Grand slam).

Many upcoming stars had been tipped to break in the circus of the legends but at their age, they still remain a force to reckon with as they keep sharing the trophy among themselves till date.

In fact, the three-alien player share sixty grand slams among with series of ATP tour triumph, master among them is uncountable.

However, while Roger Federer will be clocking whopping 40 years on August, this year, the heavy left-handed Spaniard celebrated his 35th birthday on June 23, while the Serbian intelligent player marked his 34th birthday on May 22, is a reference to the fact that these legendary players time in court are nothing but number already.

Despite their age, the three are still ranging on tours and are reigning terror on their counterpart while they keep blowing everyone apart to extend their winning record. More so, the three share over 300 ATP medals among themselves while the young lads are struggling to keep with the intellects, power, authority and nuance they command on court. 

However, as the legends career wind down, the fans across the globe have began to wonder who are the set of tennis star that would be gunning for their place with the likes of Dominic Thiem, Daniil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexandre Zverev having been making waves and stating their claim in the game, but many still ponder on which set of players have the potential to be the next ATP tour stars.

However, below are the group of emerging stars that could live up to the expectation in the near future.

Marcelo Tomas Barrios Vera (Chile)

Although he is found thriving on clay court and his fastidious attitude and never say attitude is quite appealing to the trend of the modern game as he has already began to prove his worth on other courts, while he poses some threat and looks so formidable in this year’s championship.

While he was yet to appear on the grass court, the Chilean made most of the grass court appearance in the qualifying series where he dropped just a set in his first ever grand slam main draw as he pose a near perfect in a tie-breaker match, he further made his mark by defeating Mitchell Krueger and his strong-star performance against Majchrzak was a sight to behold while he was just coming off from a final at the ATP challenger in Nottingham.

In fact, his grand slam debut at the just concluded Wimbledon at the All-England Club might gave him the confidence he needs despite bowing out of the tournament after suffering a heartbreaking defeat in the hands of Kevin Anderson in a very close match as the Chilean was striving and matching the south African from end-to-end. Moreover, he would look back a take a positive mind from the game while he might have suffered heavy defeat, the Chilean took the first set in an impressive manner.

With his impressive track record at the challenger and his fighting spirit, the 23-year-old Chilean definitely have what it takes to challenge the emerging supremos in the ATP tours in the coming years.

Tallon Griekspoor (Netherlands)

Currently ranked world number 105 on ATP ranking, the Dutchman is gradually gaining his momentum! While he is the best Dutch tennis player, the two-time challenger champion is on course to be great in the tennis world. Although, he is yet to make his claim among the real tennis men, the Dutchman is battle-tested as his participation in the recently concluded major at the All-England club established what is yet to come in the future for the 25-year-old Dutchman.

Although, ATP tour and open can be a rollercoaster ride for even the more experienced players on tour, his Challenger supremos is a testament to the fact the Netherland international is ready for the big turn in ATP. His presence in the Wimbledon was mared with series of tests as his nuance and technique supremacy reigned terror on Thomas Fabbiano, Shintaro Mochizuki and 18-year-old Arthur Fery on his path to the All-England Club’s court.

The Dutchman sadly had to retire from the tournament in round of sixteen after going down in first set against Benoit Paire, after suffering from an injury. However, Griekspoor advancement came as no surprise, as the Dutchman physicality, mental alertness and agility is a sheer power needed to rock up the ATP tour world.

More so, the big gun might be a better Challenge for the Haarlem native, but the two time challenger champion is not a stranger to the big stage, while he has surprised the world on two occasions with the big guns victories, which came against Stan Wawrinka and Karen Khachanov at the ATP 500 event in Rotterdam in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

However, the Haarlem native will be hoping his improvement on the ATP world ranking could further propel him into the next big thing in the world of tennis, while he set his sight on ATP in the nearer future.

Denis Shapovalov (Canada)

He might have been born in a tennis family, but his rise stardom has been on his willpower that comes from sheer agility and persistence. Currently ranked world number 10 and he is the best Canadian tennis player currently. More so, it was his victories over Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro that announce him as the next big thing in the world of tennis in 2017 and he has since raked up many points among the best.

Although, he might not have been the superstar that many thought he would be, but been among the is essentially base for the Canadian to establish his authority in the nearer future as he looks to dominate the tennis world with his technicalities and agility, while he won his first ATP world tour in Stockholm in October 2019.

With his explosive game and great athleticism, the 21-year-old is capable of challenging anyone in the game, while he could pose a real danger for the legends and his colleagues on court, the expressive Canadian tennis remain a player on course to be a bigger ATP tour star in the future

Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece)

The current world number four is one of the biggest characters in the world of tennis, he will always be one of the favorites to win an ATP tour. While he finished his two last ATP calendar year among the very best top ten in the world, his current ranking seems fair and stable with only few points behind the world number three, Rafael Nadal.

However, since his breakthrough run in the 2019 Australian Open and despite making ATP world tour debut in 2017, the 22-year-old Greek international struggled for form and had lot of relegation bounce, but his current state is relishing his talents and his strength.

The Greek won the ATP finals in 2019, while he had achieved series of ATP triumph. Thus, at his best, he is more than capable to challenge anyone on court.

Daniil Medvedev (Russia)

The Russian is an absolute enigma and a force on his own, but his inconsistency has left him wanting on many occasions. Although, he was tipped to make a major mark in the 2021 grand slam, the Russia is yet to lay a claim on any while his disappointment in the major is yet to affect other ATP tours .

Prior to this year, the Russian was yet to make a major Slam quarterfinal outside of Flushing Meadows, but his impressive performance in the first Grand slam ensures the 25-year-old fans that something good is cooking for the year, but his quarter final loss to Stafanos Tsitsipas in Roland Garros and his woeful defeat in the hand of Hubert Hurkacz in the Wimbledon Open surprises the tennis world. However, his victories at Open 13 Provence and Mallorca open is a bright light in the darkness of the year for the Russian as he looks to establish himself as an authority among the very best in the game.