What are the best cricket betting sites in India?

cricket betting

Whilst the European sports markets are mainly dominated by football, one sport tops the Indian sports scene, and that is cricket. Although cricket is mostly an Indian-affiliated game, the sport is followed by many fans worldwide, and many gamblers flock to local betting sites to bet on their favorite IPL cricket teams.

How to find the best Indian cricket betting sites?

The best way to enjoy India’s best cricket sites is to see if your go-to sports betting site has dedicated Indian sites. As the IPL (Indian Premier League) kicks off, many gamblers seek the best bookmakers to snatch a deal and snag a promo offer in between. So how does a player located in the UK manage to find the best Indian bookie? Quite simple, to access Indian local betting sites, the best way to go is by using a VPN.  By purchasing a good VPN, you can access the best cricket sites from a server located in India and place a bet mainly on Rupees.

What to look for in the best Indian cricket betting site?

If you search the web, you will find many sites that offer Indian cricket betting, but not all the sites give you a good wager. Here are some things to keep in mind when settling for your next cricket betting site:

  1. Make sure that the site offers IPL betting in India. You know that you are in a good betting site when all the IPL games are available to bet on, not just the league’s final stages. More advanced sites dedicated to cricket will also tempt you to compete with other players via leaderboards and cricket dedicated events.
  1. Cricket Betting Promotions – Dedicated cricket sports betting sites typically offer you welcome bonuses when betting on cricket. This could be a deposit match or even a cricket freebet as a small thank you. Especially during the IPL period, you will find many promos related to IPL following your initial deposits. You will also find during the week promos related to cricket and other virtual cricket events.
  1. Virtual Cricket – The Indian IPL is not the only thing that gamblers tempt their luck at. Virtual cricket has increased in popularity, and when the IPL is not on, you can bet via virtual events. Not all betting sites offer virtual events, yet the best ones do offer virtual cricket games.
  1. Payment Methods – Domestic betting sites offer you Indian dedicated payment methods that include Paytm and Google Pay. Many Indian players also like to have the facility of paying in Rupees.
  1. Odds – You will find sites with various odds available, that that small margin between one site and another could be the decider to you landing a lucrative win. Hence, do your research and choose wisely where to play your next Indian cricket bet. Read online sportsbook reviews and also take special notice of what other gamblers are saying.

Just like we mentioned, using a VPN is key to accessing Indian betting sites, which always needs to be your starting point.  Reading Indian bookmaker reviews will also serve you as some background to finding the sports betting site. Bookmakers would also provide you extensive reviews on sports sites and compare them to help you land the best bonuses. The experience that other players had before you had with the brands you are checking out is also paramount for you. Did the players get the best bonuses? Where is CS helpful? Does the site take ample time to release and grant you your winnings? This is the feedback that you need from other players. And finally, when you are set up with your VPN, head over to the browser and type the casino/sports site name followed by India; this is how to reach local sites. 

You might be located in Asia, India, Europe or even America, your betting on Indian cricket counts, and a solid VPN is your gateway to cricket betting. Missing out with such a rich sport and league would be quite a miss.  Betting on cricket is worthwhile!