West Ham has sold Reece Oxford for 3 million pounds and that is great, visit www.1xBet.in – the betting site for more news on sports

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They have sold him to Augsburg the last summer. His debut in Premier League was against Arsenal and he played for Hammers. He was completely an amazing player, but unfortunately, he did not to manage to stay that amazing in further in West Ham. Visit www.1xBet.in – the betting site to place a bet on him or West Ham. He was loaned to different teams such as:

  • Reading
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach
  • Augsburg

They have finally decided to sell him to Augsburg. More on this and other news about sports and football you can read on http://www.1xBet.in – the betting site. He is certainly versatile and has played 317 minutes in total for Augsburg while he was on loan there. Unfortunately, he did not manage to score a goal or have an assist.

Unsuccessful passes from Reece – Bet on football or cricket with 1xBet – best among cricket betting sites

Reece has a bad achievement which makes him one of the players with lowest rate of successful passes, with only 66 percent of success. Low tackle rates and only 0.5 interception doesn’t qualify him to be good player he used to be. Which makes West Ham’s decision great to sell him. However, we will see how he will play further in Augsburg. Don’t like football? Bet on 1xBet – best among cricket betting sites and earn cash while supporting your favorite teams.

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Hell in Bundesliga, enjoy football or watch tennis live online

It has been reported further that Reece is being loaned to fourth tier in Bundesliga which is bad for him really. His colleague Rice’s career has gone the right path while Oxford not so. Even though Reece was graded higher before, Rice has succeeded to overcome him. Before in 2016 Manchester United wanted to sign Oxford and they are probably lucky now that they hadn’t. They wanted to offer 10 million pounds for him. However, that turned great for them. It was also great for West Ham that they sold him, but what will happen to him is only left to be seen. When you want to bet on something else rather than football and watch games online, choose 1xBet, where you can bet and watch tennis live online.

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