Top Five Sports Betting Wins


In the world of sports betting, parlays and accumulators are crucial aspects. These are indeed quite tough than any average bet; however, there have been instances when bettors have defied the odds and have managed to win big prizes with the help of accas.

Given below are the five biggest wins in the betting history of sports:

Million  Dollar Bet From Mayweather

In the world of athletics, Floyd Money Mayweather happens to be the king of Gamblers as well as the highest earning athlete. Those familiar with betting know that this person is no stranger when it comes to bets related to basketball and football.

When he won 5.9 million pounds, it immediately made headlines. He had placed a bet on Miami Heat, who won over Indiana pacers. He was able to earn a staggering amount of USD 6.49 million, and that too in cash.

Yorkshireman Fred Craggs Racing Bet

In 2008, Yorkshireman Fred Craggs decided to go for a horse race bet on the occasion of his 60th birthday. However, he did not think much about how much he would win at the time since the betting amount was just 50p. Craggs had decided to go for an eight-horse accumulator. The only reason for the choice was that all of them had pretty long odds, and it was common among all of them. The offer made by the book makers was an astonishing 2 million in odds. Luckily he won the best, and it paid off. On the day of the race, all the horses secured their positions as predicted. For Fred, things converted into a payout of 1 million pounds.

The Magnificient Seven

In 1998, the Ascot Race Course turned out to be the setting for the best bet of all time.  At that time, Franki Dettori, a famous Jockey, was appointed, but he was among those few people who disagreed about their chances.

 Out of the seven races in which he was supposed to participate, he believed that he might be able to win a couple of those. However, the punters had a different opinion but still bet on him by taking help from a betting guide. Daren, one of the pointers who bet 67.58 pounds and combined all seven races into one. The bet paid off, and although a lot of people won, Franki won all seven races. At the same time, Yates too won a lot; 5,50,823 pounds.

Mick Gibbs

He was a roofer along with a skilled gambler especially related to accumulator bets. In 1999, he placed a bet of 2.50 pounds and could accurately predict the result of nine European football games. Consequently, he was able to win 1,57,000 pounds.

Billy Walters

He was a poker player. In a span of 40 years, he  had gambled like anything and won millions of dollars. The most prominent was the New Orleans Saints win over the Indianapolis colts in 2010. No one knows how much he earned, but it was a huge one since New Orleans were the underdogs.

It is, therefore, clear that gambling can bring a lot of money. While it is just luck in some cases, some people prefer doing thorough homework for the best possible outcome. There is a few sites on the network helping with gambling tips and strategies. Check Exycasinos for example if you are interested in making money with placing bets.