Top 7 Cricket Betting Tips for Beginners

Cricketer on the field in action

Cricket is the most intriguing game not only as a sport but also from the sports betting perspective. During a game, you can bet on the odds of wins, the number of 4s or 6s, team totals, no-balls, wides and lots more. If you are looking forward to betting on upcoming tournaments with the help of the best-analysed predictions to improve your odds, let’s go through some of the best cricket betting tips here. 

Do a Lot of Research

Before placing your bet, do some diligence hard work. Look into the available current data like starting players, injuries, and so on. Consider past data like the weather impact on the game, scores, and so on. If you want to be a professional bettor, doing in-depth research is a must. 

Analyse the Betting Odds

Always keep an eye on the team squads, condition of both teams, their previous performance and present condition. Change your bet based on these factors.  

Analyse the performances of the bowlers and batsmen in the recent few matches under different situations. This will give you an insight into the list of players who are likely to be the leading performers in the match. 

Get an idea of the betting market before deciding to place your bet either during in-lay or in a pre-match market. You can get this information by understanding the betting odds for a player to be the top team bowler or top team batsman for both teams. Also, know the odds for those bowlers and batsmen who are considered favourites by bookmakers. 

Choose the Value Bet

You are likely to come across several betting propositions. You have to choose the value bet to bet your money on. If you want to have a good rate of success, have a flexible approach. Change your plan, depending on the situation. For instance, if you have planned to place three wagers on a specific amount of money on a specific day and you end up finding only one value bet, you can place your money on just one.

Exclusion of Players Can Be a Game-Changer

Let’s say a bowler who consistently picks wickets and is regarded to be a specialist in death overs is injured during a practice session or match. If he is excluded from the team because of this unavoidable reason, his exclusion can change several things. Take into account the game’s technicalities and do the best analysis.

Understand the Different Types of Bet

There are several kinds of bets depending on the bookmaker and the bets accessible on a specific cricket betting website. For instance, ‘match outcome’ bets are the most common ones that are accessible on all betting websites where the bet is lost or won based on the result of the match. However, propositional bets are those that differ from one website to another. As a new bettor, you need to understand the different kinds of bets before venturing into betting. Make a well-informed decision on which bet you wish to place depending on your analysis.

Consider the Pitch and Weather Conditions

The pitch and weather conditions should be among the key considerations in the process of your analysis. A cricket field that is wet due to incessant rains would not favour the players to score runs. Similarly, windy and cloudy weather conditions would make the ball swing both ways. 

Keep the above-discussed points in mind so that you can place your bets with clarity and at the same time, enjoy the excitement of cricket betting. Stay updated on the latest updates through the various portals that provide this information for free. This will help you to a great extent in your analysis, and you can gain a better edge over other bettors, thus enhancing your winning odds.

Make the most out of the internet to get access to all the data that is needed for analysing and become an expert bettor. Have patience and do a lot of analysis if you want to be a consistent winner.