The Worst Team in Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball

If you ask people who holds the title as the worst team in Major League Baseball, youíre bound to get a lot of responses usually based on personal allegiances and opinions. However, if youíre big on betting education and want the cold hard facts instead of opinions, then we are here to help! That being said, there are a couple of different ways that we can go about discussing who is the worst team in Major League Baseball. So letís get started and break it all down!

The Worst Teams of All Time

Baseball has been around for a long time. That being said, some teams have been around longer than others and that definitely gives them an advantage in the numbers game when it comes to the worst teams of all time. That being said, when you consider the win-loss percentages of all 30 MLB teams the San Diego Padres come out at the bottom with a win-loss percentage of .461. As of 2019, they have played a total of 8,138 games with 3,747 wins and 4,389 losses since their first season in 1969. Closely behind them are the Miami Marlins, the Seattle Mariners, and the Colorado Rockies at .462, .471, and .471, respectively.

The Worst Teams in Recent History

Unsurprisingly, the worst teams in recent history donít differ much from the worst teams of all time. Based on postseason droughts, the Seattle Mariners currently hold the longest current drought having not made the playoffs since 2001. Then we have the Miami Marlins who have not made the postseason since they went all the way to beat the Yankees in the 2003 World Series. Finally, we have the San Diego Padres who havenít made it into the postseason in 13 years.

The Worst Teams This Year

Although this MLB season doesnít look like any that weíve seen before, we still need to discuss some of the worst-performing teams during the 2020 season. With a shortened season, each game means a lot more and thereís less time to prove yourself and fight for a playoff spot. At the same time, many players have opted-out of playing this year, making it difficult for some teams to play at their usual levels. Nonetheless, here are some of the teams that are at the bottom of the barrel with no shot at making the playoffs this year:

  • Pittsburgh Pirates: The Pittsburgh Pirates currently have the worst win-loss percentage in the MLB. They have only won 14 of 33 games so far this season — leaving them with a win-loss percentage of .298. The team hasnít been particularly good in recent years, and the last time they made the playoffs was in 2015 when they lost in the Wild Card round against the Cubs.
  • Texas Rangers: The Texas Rangers havenít been good in a few years but they have made a particularly bad showing this year with a record of 17-31. This puts them at the bottom of the AL West and keeps them out of the playoffs for the fourth season in a row. Even though they made the playoffs as recently as 2016, they havenít won a playoff series since 2011.
  • Washington Nationals: It seems like just yesterday that the Washington Nationals brought home their first championship last year in 2019. Despite a slow start in 2019, they were able to come back and win it all. That clearly isnít happening this year. Currently, the Nationals have a record of 17-29 — putting them at the bottom of the NL East.

Clearly, there isnít an easy answer to the question of who is the worst team in the MLB. So if you are looking to make your bets, be sure to do some research ahead of time in order to get your moneyís worth.