The under-19 Cricket World Cup Final ends in battle

Cricket Helmet

Bangladesh’s comeback in the final match against the Indian cricket team caused a stir after the last ball, leaving very sad images on the pitch.

Potchefstroom, a university city located 120 kilometers from Johannesburg, South Africa, hosted the under-19 Cricket World Cup. An event in which the best youth teams of this sport have fought for the title, offering high quality and exciting matches.

In fact, the final between India and Bangladesh was really exciting, as the Indian team had a big advantage before the last matchday. But their rivals made a historic comeback that led them to their first world title. However, the match did not end as expected.

With the last ball, the Bangladesh bench exploded with joy and invaded the pitch to celebrate with their teammates. But in addition to the celebration, it seems that some players made fun of the losers, provoking a reaction from the Indian sportsmen, who went off to ask for explanations.

The pitch became the scene of a shameful succession of pushes, insults and threats, with some players even holding their bat in a threatening attitude towards their opponents. Fortunately, the waters returned to their course and spirits relaxed. But not without leaving behind regrettable images for a sport like cricket, which has a legion of followers in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Great Britain.