The Future Is Bright for US Sports Betting Companies

US Sports Betting

American sports are popular not only among US residents but have plenty of fans beyond borders. Conversely, US residents love betting on major European soccer leagues, international tennis competitions, and other sports. Unfortunately, there are many American states where betting is still illegal and the prospect of nationwide legal sports betting is rather dim. The good news is that mobile betting is following an upward trajectory and Americans enthusiastically bet on mobile devices.

A perfect storm for a mobile gambling surge

The mobile gaming revolution started a few years ago, but it gained a lot of strength in recent years. Several things have happened that contributed to the accelerated growth in the number of mobile gamers. Even an otherwise negative event, such as the Covid 19 pandemic had a positive impact on mobile sports betting in the US. Lockdowns and stay-at-home orders left sports betting enthusiasts with very few options. Mobile devices provide a secure alternative and pave the way to convenient mobile betting.

Land-based bookmakers were already bleeding customers before the coronavirus pandemic. The global event struck a deadly blow to many struggling sportsbooks, but the online business thrived. Most of the customers lost by brick-and-mortar parlors wholeheartedly embraced top sports betting sites. Furthermore, people who havenít placed a bet before found it worthwhile to try this form of entertainment. US punters were particularly excited by the prospect of placing a bet straight from their mobile devices.

Legalized sports betting draw large crowds

Another contributing factor for the success of sports betting in the US is the Supreme Court’s decision. The most important judicial institution in the United States deciding that states should be given more freedom to regulate gambling affairs. For many states where the government, as well as public sentiment, was in favor of legal sports betting, this provided a unique opportunity. Local punters were quickly provided with a legal way of betting on sports while enjoying the security of a licensed bookmaker.

Nationwide, exceptions were made for punters to allow them to bet on major sports betting events such as the Super Bowl. In addition to popular American sports, such as baseball, ice hockey, basketball, and American football, new forms of gambling are gaining traction. Esports are immensely popular among young individuals and there are tens of thousands of people betting on video games. These are tech-savvy individuals who overwhelmingly favor mobile devices for online activities, betting included.

As mobile devices become more powerful and less expensive by the year, more people use them for gambling. Bookmakers have their websites optimized for handheld gadgets and enable punters to bet exclusively on mobile if they so desire. In conjunction with the sweeping wave of gambling laws that are being passed nationwide, the future of US sports betting looks particularly bright.