The Fastest Horse Breeds Worldwide

Fastest Horse

 Horse racing as we know it now, evolved from the old Greek chariot races way before online casino games became a thing. The thrilling game picked up steam and developed into a variety of horse racing competitions. Horse breeds with unique skill sets are employed in a variety of races. Horses race over a wide vast distance, hurdles, and grounds, and as a result, various breeds thrive in particular types of races. However, the duration of the race directly shows which horse breed performs best. Below is a list of some of the fastest horse breeds worldwide.

1. American Quarterhorse

Quarterhorses hold the world record for the quickest horse over any distance. They have been timed at 55mph, which is quicker than any breed. Roughly 200 years ago, quarter horse races began in colonial America. The breed was named after the quarter-mile distance at which they generally competed. The proprietors of Colonial quarter horses bred their horses for speed first always foremost.

A swift and athletic horse is required for professional barrel racing. The sport is dominated by quarterhorses. They have a small, muscular physique that allows them to instantly wrap around a barrel and blast to another barrel.

2. Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds rule the horse racing world and are the world’s quickest horse breed in races longer than six furlongs. The Triple Crown is the most well-known horse race, and it is only open to Thoroughbreds. In their attempt to rule the world, they brought about horse racing to the British Isles. The sport failed miserably till three Arabian-bred sires were combined with indigenous mares to create the Thoroughbred horse breed.

Thoroughbreds are normally raced in races of less than a mile in length and must time themselves throughout the track. They, like Arabians, have long legs and a lean strong frame suited for long sprinting. Winning Brew is the quickest Thoroughbred according to the Guinness Book of Records, with a rate of 43.97 mph.

3. Arabian horses

In the Arabian peninsula, the Arabian horse was specifically bred for combat and betting at online craps for real money. The horses must have been tough enough to withstand desert areas while yet being fast enough to outrun their adversary.

To improve the breed’s speed and power, European breeders crossed Arabian stallions with indigenous mares. The Thoroughbred is one of the breeds that emerged via crossbreeding.

Arabians are known for their endurance rather than their quickness; yet, they have been timed at 40mph. Arabians cannot match in speed with Quarterhorses or Thoroughbreds, but they excel in endurance racing.