The exceptional football rule implemented for windy matches in the Faroe Islands

exceptional football rule

As the world’s governing football body, FIFA wants to make sure that all its competitions follow the exact same rules. The https://in.1xbet.com/live/cricket website is also available to wager on all kinds of rules that are part of cricket.

However, this is not 100% accurate. It turns out that FIFA allowed a special rule in the Faroe Islands that is not applied anywhere else in the world.

In order to understand why the Faroe Islands need a special rule when playing football, it is necessary to understand the climate of this country. Of course, at the 1xBet platform it is always possible to also wager on matches that take place in this country too.

A very difficult climate

Because of their location in far Northern Europe, the Faroe Islands are an extremely rainy and windy place. As a result, certain activities are quite difficult to carry out, with one of them being football. Sign up now to https://in.1xbet.com/line/cricket and explore the chances of making fantastic wagers on cricket, football and other sports.

The main problems that this carry include:

  • the fields become so wet that it becomes dangerous to practice any kind of football match;
  • the wind can push the balls outside of the stadium, and in many occasions, right into the sea;
  • and also, it is very difficult to keep the ball in place when taking a corner kick, free kick or any other play that requires the ball to remain still.

Visit now 1xBet to wager on all occurrences that can happen in a football match, including all the aforementioned ones. The last point was addressed by FIFA through the exceptional rule that will be explained next.

Dealing with the problem

In order to give a chance to the Faroese football teams to practice the sport in the most normal way possible, FIFA agreed to an exceptional rule. Speaking about football rules, by watching stream football on phone through 1xBet you can also see how they are applied during matches of this sport.

In order to avoid the ball from moving when a dead-ball situation exists, another player holds the ball in place for the footballer that will take the kick. This has been officially authorized by FIFA, meaning that football matches played there are officially sanctioned by the organization, despite this slight rule variation. The football streams on phone offered by 1xBet are definitely the best of its kind, and they can be taken advantage of for wagering on all kinds of football situations.