SIGA, IOT announce partnership at Sport Integrity Week

Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) and India On Track (IOT) have come together to help further the mission of keeping sport clean and fair.

As part of the partnership, IOT will work with SIGA on various projects in India to help promote the spirit of integrity, educate young players and bring together key stake holders from the Indian sports, to enable the creation of a robust integrity ecosystem in the country.

The partnership between the two organisations was announced via the signing of a cooperation agreement at SIGA’s first Sport Integrity Week, taking place from September 7 to 11. IOT has also curated two sessions at the event, as part of Stage Asia, with one focussed on the building of a culture of integrity in emerging sports markets, while the other focused on the importance of education on integrity among young players.

Speakers at the India sessions included Justice Mukul Mudgal, Chairman of FIFA Governance Committee, Onkar Kedia, Director General, Sports Authority of Assam, Joy Bhattacharjya, CEO – Pro Volleyball League and former Olympian, Neha Aggarwal.

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, SIGA CEO and Chairman and CEO, SIGA AMERICA, said “SIGA is an open global coalition and India is one of the strongest sporting nations on the planet. We stand ready to collaborate with the relevant stake holders and authorities in sport in India and are delighted to partner with India On Track, leaders in the industry.”

“Together, we will work with sports organisations, governments and global brands to enhance governance, promote integrity and instigate reform, so India, as a nation, are leaders both on and off the pitch.”

Vivek Sethia, Founder & CEO, India On Track, said: “Integrity is one of the key pillars of sport at any level, and we all want to see young people across the world engage in healthy competition, playing tough, clean and fair.”

“SIGA has been a leader in furthering the mission of global sports integrity, and we are delighted to partner with them to bring their vision to India and promote fairness in sport,” he added.