Ranking The Eight Teams Based On Their Win Percentage In Last 12 Seasons

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League 2021 is going to commence again in mid-September this year. The fourteenth season of the world’s richest league went through lots of ups and downs due to COVID-19. In the last. During the previous thirteen seasons, more than 12 teams have participated in the league so far.

However, only eight teams have been with the league from the start and have earned a considerable fan base over the years. The teams with the highest winning percentage in IPL rank first and so on. However, the winning percentage isn’t dependent on the number of times a franchise has won the league. Let’s look at the top eight teams ranked as per the highest winning percentage in IPL.

Chennai Super Kings-59.21%

Chennai Super Kings have the highest winning percentage in the history of IPL, which stands at 59.21%. The franchise has won 106 of the 179 matches played by them in the league. Kings have reached the final playoffs in every season except for the last season. Moreover, they have won three titles under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

Mumbai Indians-58.91%

The second on the list is the franchise that has won the most titles in the history of the IPL, including the last season. In the initial years, the team was not in its best form. However, things have turned in their favor with sheer hard work and teamwork. They have won 119 matches out of 202 matches and have lifted the trophy five times.

Sunrisers Hyderabad-53.65%

One of the most under-appreciated teams in the league comes third in the list with a winning percentage of 53.65% is Sunrisers Hyderabad. The team has played 123 matches to date and won 66 out of them. Moreover, in just five years, they have managed to reach the finals for the third time. They won the league in 2016 and became runners-up in 2018.

Kolkata Knight Riders-51.56%

In the initial years, the team had no wins, and the future looked bleak for them. However, in 2011 Kolkata Knight Riders made a comeback and went on to win in 2012 and 2014, respectively. They have played 199 matches, out of which they won 99 and lost 93. Over time the franchise has become a competent opposition to look out for in the field.

Rajasthan Royals-50.31%

Rajasthan Royals made a very promising entry in the league by winning the first edition of the league. However, over time their performance has only deteriorated. In the last season, the team ended with one of the lowest scores of all time. But the franchise has somehow managed to have a winning percentage above 50%, with 81 successful wins till now.

Royal Challengers Bangalore-46.42%

Royal Challengers Bangalore may have never won the IPL but enjoys a huge fan following due to popular domestic and international players in the team. Even after having an impeccable team, the franchise ended up losing in the league. They have won 91 matches till now and managed to pull a winning score of 46.42%, which is the third-lowest among the eight teams.

Kings XI Punjab-46.31%

Kings XI Punjab has only managed to reach the finals only once in 2014. The franchise is famous for changing the captain almost every year. From the time of its inception, the franchise has not been able to retain good players for a long time. They have won 88 matches out of the 190 matches they have played and ended up with the second-lowest score of 46.31%.

Delhi Capitals-44.27%

Delhi Capitals have a winning percentage of 44.27%, which is the lowest of all the eight teams till now. In the initial years of the league, the team looked promising. However, their performance has only dipped year by year. After changing their name from Delhi Daredevils to Delhi Capitals, the franchise is now picking up again in the league.


The highest winning percentage in the IPL shows consistency and team effort. Hence, one can say that CSK is on the top of its strategy and implementation game. To know what happens in the Indian Premier League 2021 schedule, stay tuned to Pure Win News.