Rajasthan Royals look to build largest fan army in IPL

Indian Premier League teams are known to have vociferous fans and in an effort to compete with the die-hards from Chennai or Mumbai among others, Rajasthan Royals is looking to build the largest fan army — digital and on-ground — among all IPL teams.

In that effort, the Royals from over 6 million fans around the world have zeroed in on a select group of 20 individuals who have been Rajasthan Royals supporters all through. These fans will stand by RR, whether they win or lose.

This has seen RR tag them as Super Royals. The franchise wants the world to know that their fans are vociferous. They want other teams to take notice and if possible, even feel intimidated by the sheer presence of the Super Royals, who will grow in number in the years to come.

While the vision is to build the largest fan army, the objective is to give the Super Royals a platform to voice their opinions and show their support on a larger scale than ever before.

The franchise also has special benefits for the Super Royals and some of them are: All Super Royals will receive Royals merchandise; The leaders will have regular access to some members of the Royals management; They can be part of video calls with a player and management on a few occasions; RR will be reviewing their performances regularly and have a recognition-cum-reward plan as well. The top performer could visit one of the Royals camps. Some of the others can attend the Colts/Sparks or school tournaments as well.