Plans won’t be too different from what we did in Carribbean: Gabriel

West Indies won’t deviate from its plan of unleashing it’s fast bowlers on the England batsmen that worked so well for them in the home series. Gabriel was one of the leading bowlers for the West Indies as they beat England 2-1 at home last year.

“I don’t think the plans should change too much from what we did in the Caribbean. We used pace and that worked. What we did was successful. I don’t think we should fix anything that is not broken,” Gabriel told media via video conference.

Gabriel is in the reserves for this series. He had undergone an ankle surgery recently and is still getting back to full fitness.

“After being away from the game so long, almost six or seven months, you’re kind of hungry to get back on the field. I’m looking forward to the warm-up games and then we will take it from there. I’ve played a few Test matches before, so I know how to prepare,” Gabriel said.

“The last time I played (for West Indies) was the India series (last September) in Jamaica. I want to play, I want to be ready to play against England.

“I’m fully motivated. If you’re playing for your country and you’re not motivated, you really should not be on the field. This is not about half-hearted. You have to be all in,” he said.