Our favourite sports apps ?

sports apps

If you’re a sports fan, you no doubt have apps on your smart devices that you use for a wide range of things. Apps for checking the latest news, apps for placing bets or even apps that tell you the latest scores and statistics for the games that you want to keep updated on. There are even apps that allow you to watch all the games you want.

But with so many out there, what are the best sports related apps available? Well, let’s take a look at a few of our favourites we have on our phone, and who knows, maybe we’ll uncover some gems for you to download on your own.

Flash Score

If you’ve not heard of them before, they’re one of the biggest, and in our view, the best, when it comes to getting the results of the events you want to follow. You can select past results, but also get access to hundreds of live scores as well. And they cover so many different sports, they’ll surely have you covered. Whether you’re into football, rugby, cycling, beach volleyball or even kabaddi, they do it all. FlashScore is a website, but they also have their own app too on Android, iOS and even the Huawei App Gallery.

Whilst many sites offer such live score services, you’ll not find one that updates you quicker than FlashScore. I’ve sat at Anfield watching the football, keeping an eye on other results using the app. And as soon as the ball has hit the back of the net, I’ve seen it popping up on my phone. To say I was impressed is an understatement. And recently, they’ve updated their system so you’ll now get notified if a goal or something else exciting may be going on too, by a red dot appearing on the event you’re following.

Besides live scores, they also collate some statistics, live table updates and a live text coverage. However, the text coverage is very basic, and does take a little longer to update than the scores. Still, they’re some nice extra feature worth checking out.

OddsTrader Capping Central

If you like sports, then there is probably a chance you bet on them too. Whether it be just amongst friends, or with your local or online bookmaker. So believe us when we say you can trust the OddsTrader App for Android to be your goto app for checking the latest odds from sportsbooks on the web. Rather than you spending the time yourself, searching websites for the best odds, this app does it all for you. Allowing you to save time, and track where the best places are for odds on your favourite sports to bet on

You can also use the OddsTrader app to research games and access a variety of betting statistics including player, team, and situational statistics. And much like the FlashScore app, you can also get access to real-time scoring updates. However, this app is a little more limited with those features as it’s a US-based app that focuses on all major American sports including NFL, College Football, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, NHL, and Combat Sports.

Still, having all this available in one small package, means this app makes it onto our list.

Live Sports TV

This is another app for Android, we’ve tried to see if it’s on iOS too, but sadly not. Although that’s your own fault for being a sheep and choosing the inferior of the available operating systems (and devices). But, if you made the smart decision to choose Android, then you’re in luck, because the Live Sports TV app will give you access to live sports, and I don’t just mean score updates and stuff, you can actually watch them. And they cover a fair amount of popular events.

From Basketball to Cricket and Boxing to Football, this app has pretty much everything, and they cover some of the biggest matches for free that major cable and satellite providers charge extra for. Is it entirely legal? Well, that’s debatable I suppose depending on which country you’re in and who has the rights to those matches. We’ll leave that for you to check. But, is it worth getting to watch the games you may struggle to see? Most definitely.

They offer multiple sources for each event, so if one goes down, backups are there, and the app is always up to date for the latest events. The small issue is that it does have adverts to support development, but they disappear with a quick tap after a few seconds. Although, you can pay to remove the ads and have a better viewing experience.

What have we missed?

Well, there you are, our three favourite apps we use to follow sports. Are you already using some of these? Are there some you use that you think are better and believe we should’ve mentioned? Let us know in the comments and who knows, maybe we’ll update the list with some of your suggestions.