Most Successful Sporting Careers in History

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There have been countless professional athletes throughout history whove provided us with amazing entertainment and unbelievable performances. But some have had more success than others and made their way into the history books for their amazing talents. These are some of the most successful sporting careers in history.

Roger Federer – Tennis

The Swiss tennis player is highly regarded in the world of sport and is often cited as the greatest tennis player in the world. He set a new world record when he collected his 15th grand slam in just six years at Wimbledon, and hes won 15 majors. All this, plus Federer has reached at least the semi-finals of the last 21 consecutive Grand Slam tournaments hes competed in.

Frankie Dettori Horse Racing

Dettori is one of the best-known names in horse racing and over the course of his career, hes made the headlines on numerous occasions for his amazing racing talent. Hes earned almost as much in big races as his 3,000 plus winners and placed horses at home. Dettori is well-known for winning seven out of seven races in a single day at Ascot, but hes also had amazing success in other countries including the US, Dubai, Hong Kong and Japan. Hes earned 77.5m from his domestic employers and a further 64.1m from international races. Will any jockey in this year’s Grand National guide top his success?

Michael Phelps Swimming

Phelps has earned countless medals and won a number of competitions over the course of his career. After success in Athens and Beijing, the US swimmer earned four medals in Londons Olympic Games and five more in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, bringing his total gold medal count up to 23. This makes him the most successful Olympian in history.

Usain Bolt Running

Usain Bolt is the worlds fastest man and hes earned six Olympic gold medals to prove it. The Jamaican runner has also achieved 13 world championship medals, which include 11 golds, and holds the world records for the fastest time not just in the 100 metres but also the 200 metres. He retired in 2017 but remains one of the greatest runners in the world.

Serena Williams Tennis

Williams dominates the womens tennis game and is one of the best-known tennis stars in the world. She ended the decade with 23 Grand Slam singles titles, which is just one less than Margaret Courts all-time record, plus she won two gold medals at the London Olympic Games in 2012. Shes one of the best tennis stars to have ever graced the court and has had an enviable career that continues to evolve.

Floyd Mayweather Boxing

Boxing is filled with great talents and one of the top boxing greats is former five-division champion Floyd Mayweather. The US boxer has been retired since 2017 but he hung up his gloves with an undefeated 50-0 record, which is the most wins without a loss or draw in history. Mayweather has given us a number of great boxing matches over the course of his career and will always be renowned for being one of the best boxers in the world.